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In the 2nd quarter issue of the Journal of Employee Assistance, Figure 4 in the Research Report ("EAP Impact on Work, Relationship, and Health Outcomes") was printed incorrectly from the original rabies submitted by the authors. The bars in Figure 4 are the correct height, but the percentages on top of the bars were mistakenly transposed from Figure 3. The correct percentages for the pre- to post-health status changes are as follows: Excellent, 15% to 19%; Very Good, 32% to 36%; Good, 37% to 34%; Fair, 13% to 9%; and Poor, 3% to 2%. The Journal regrets this error. To get a corrected copy of the article on the Internet, visit
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Publication:The Journal of Employee Assistance
Article Type:Correction Notice
Date:Sep 1, 2004
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