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In the article, "Caregivers with Visual Impairments: A Preliminary Study," by Patti Fuhr, Bethany Martinez, and Michael Williams, which appeared in the February 2008, Volume 102, Number 2, print edition of JVIB, the word caregivers appeared erroneously in two sentences on page 93. The first sentence should have read as follows: "Low vision rehabilitation can certainly help to improve the functional capacity and quality of life of persons with visual impairment (Lamoureux et al., 2007; Stelmack, Moran, Dean, & Massof, 2007) and may help to delay the need to place recipients of care in nursing homes or assisted living facilities." The second sentence should have read as follows: "State and federal agencies that serve persons who are visually impaired, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and local aging network resources like the Independent Living Programs, have demonstrated that participation in their programs allowed participants to feel more confident in performing daily activities, preparing meals, performing housekeeping tasks, being mobile, and participating in family activities (Kuyk et al., 2004; Maino & Carty, 1983; Moore, Steinman, Giesen, & Frank, 2006)." A correct version of this article is available in the February 2008 issue of JVIB Online: <>.
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Publication:Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness
Article Type:Correction notice
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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