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After my profile of the blogger Markos Moulitsas appeared in our January/February issue ("Kos Call"), Moulitsas wrote a post on his weblog challenging some of the facts in my piece, and in many instances he turned out to be fight. My piece quoted a staffer for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee indicating that Moulitsas makes calls to prospective candidates on behalf of the DCCC. The source was definitely in a position to know, and a review of my notes shows that the quote was what my source said. When I emailed him after publication for clarification, the source said that while he had "brainstormed" with Markos, a different blogger had made the recruiting calls. This is Moulitsas's position too, and I take him at his word. My story stated that Moulitsas speaks frequently and regularly with DCCC chair Rahm Emmanuel and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. In fact, he speaks regularly with their staffs, never with Emmanuel, and only very occasionally with Reid. The speech Moulitsas gave to the Senate Democratic caucus took place in the Kennedy Center and not, as my story had reported, in the Capitol's LBJ room (the normal place such caucuses occur). And I have no reason to doubt Moulitsas when he says he talked about how Democrats can use blogging politically and not about overall political strategy. Nor do I doubt that he raised for Democratic candidates more than the $500,000 I said he did. When I wrote that his site gets "3.7 million weekly readers," I should have used the technical term "unique visitors," which is the closest available approximation of a website's readership, but is certainly bigger than the actual number of weekly readers. And the piece gave the incorrect date for an incident in which Moulitsas responded on his weblog to television images of cheering mobs dragging the charred, dismembered bodies of American contractors through the streets of Fallujab. That happened in March 2004, not June 2003.
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Author:Wallace-Wells, Benjamin
Publication:Washington Monthly
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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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