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Correction of article.

Siebers R, Hewett R. The New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science and the services it provides. How well does it perform? N Z J Med Lab Sci 2011; 65:89-91.

The authors of this article have advised the journal that due to a flaw in the statistical package used, the mean score ratings in Tables 1 and 2 were not correct and therefore the conclusions derived from the data were not accurate. Below are the correct mean score ratings and revised conclusions. Comparative data from the 2006 survey were accurate.


The mean ratings of the services and activities that the NZIMLS provides ranged from 6.0 to 7.8. However, there was a wide spread of ratings within each category. Top ratings (mean score of [greater than or equal to]7.5) were for the SIG seminars, web site and the CPD programme. Bottom rating was for promotion of the profession. Comparatively, in 2006 the SIG seminars, Annual Scientific Meetings, the web site and technician examinations achieved top ratings while promotion of the profession and Fellowship were ranked at the bottom then.

Top activities of importance to members in 2011 (mean score of [greater than or equal to] 7.5) were journal publication, continuing education, Annual Scientific meetings, Special Interest Groups, promotion of the profession, the web site, CPD programme and BMLSc representation. Bottom rating was Fellowship.

Table 1. NZIMLS services and activities ratings. 2011 compared to

                               2011         2006
NZIMLS services             mean score   mean score

Journal                        6.8          7.0
Newsletter                     6.9          6.8
SIG seminars                   7.8          8.5
ASM                            7.2          7.7
Organisational structure       7.2          7.1
Sponsorship                    6.7          6.3
Promotion of profession        6.0          5.9
Web site                       7.8          7.6
CPD programme                  7.7          7.1
Executive Office services      7.2          7.3
QMLT/QSST examinations         7.0          7.5
NZIMLS Fellowship              6.6          6.1

Table 2. NZIMLS activities of importance to members. 2011
compared to 2006.

NZIMLS activities of         2011         2006
importance to members     mean score   mean score

Journal publication          7.5          7.5
Continuing education         8.8          8.5
Council governance           7.1          6.9
ASM                          8.0          7.8
Special Interest Groups      8.0          8.8
Promotion of profession      8.8          8.7
Web site                     8.3          8.3
CPD programme                7.5          8.5
QMLT/QSST examinations       7.0          7.7
NZIMLS Fellowship            5.4          6.1
BMLSc representation         8.6          8.4
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Publication:New Zealand Journal of Medical Laboratory Science
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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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