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Correcting Low pH of Household Water Made Easy at eWaterOnline.

FREDERICK, Pa. -- Homeowners who need to correct low pH in their home water supply to protect piping and fixtures from damage due to corrosion can find the products and answers they need by visiting, a division of CAI Technologies, Inc.

According to Bill Cook, Water Treatment Sales Manager at CAI, water used in typical residential household applications should have a neutral pH range between 7 and 7.8. The best way to correct low pH may depend on your level of total dissolved solids (TDS).

"With a relatively low TDS the most common way to correct pH is with a calcite based automatic backwashing neutralizer. If TDS is very high, a standard calcite based pH neutralizer will not function efficiently," said Cook. "This is because the way in which a calcite neutralizer works is that the media (calcium carbonate) slowly dissolves into the water over time to raise pH to within the normal range. With a high amount of material already dissolved into the water, the calcite will dissolve at a much slower rate, and the water may not have sufficient contact time with the media to completely correct your pH."

In the case of high TDS, Cook said you may need to use a chemical injection system to correct pH. "This type of system injects liquid soda ash (sodium carbonate) directly into the water supply to correct pH. Our preferred design includes the Stenner STS combination peristaltic chemical feed pump and solution storage tank, static mixer, and a 40 gallon retention tank that provides improved contact time. Soda ash solution is injected into the in-line static mixer for improved mixing at the point of injection. The pump is tied into the same electrical leg and each time the well pump runs, and the chemical injection system is also turned on." is a division of CAI Technologies, Inc., a long-established provider of water treatment equipment across the U.S. since 1991. CAI offers free shipping from warehouses strategically located throughout the country in Pennsylvania, Florida, Chicago, Texas, Nevada and California. For more information on CAI's products and water-treatment consumer assistance services, visit or call (800) 580-3033.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 19, 2009
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