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Corpus linguistics; readings in a widening discipline. (reprint, 2004).


Corpus linguistics; readings in a widening discipline. (reprint, 2004)

Ed. by Geoffrey Sampson and Diana McCarthy.

Continuum Publishing Group


524 pages



Open linguistics series


Sampson and McCarthy (both informatics, Sussex U., UK) present a collection of 42 previously-published articles on corpus linguistics written by an array of international authors. Organized chronologically by publication date, from 1952 and 2002, the collection illustrates the directions in which the subject is developing, and affords readers a sampling of both classic articles and more recent works. Each essay is supplemented with a brief editorial introduction explaining the individual's contributions to the field. The 2005 reprint of the 2004 publication now makes the material available in paperback form. For undergraduate and graduate students, academics, and researchers.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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