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Corporate Profile for, Inc., dated July 2, 1999.


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Published Date: July 2, 1999

Company Name:, Inc.

Address: 3375 Scott Blvd., No. 234
 Santa Clara, CA 95054

Main Telephone
 Number: 408/727-3399

Internet Home
 Page Address

Chief Executive
 Officer: Kon Leong

Chief Financial
 Officer: Ali Rajah

Investor Relations
 Contact: Kon Leong
 Business number: 408/727-3399
 E-mail address:

Public Relations
 Contact: Kon Leong
 Business number: 408/727-3399
 E-mail address:

Industry: Internet privacy services and software

Company Description:, Inc., is the first company to offer free, fully private email and file transfer on the Web. Its ZipLip service can dramatically enhance the privacy of all Internet users worldwide., Inc. is a privately-held corporation, founded in Santa Clara, California in 1998. The company believes that privacy is a right, not a privilege. The company's goal is to provide total privacy in communications, accessible to all users of the Internet.

Future developments will include specialized corporate products and vertical market applications.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 2, 1999
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