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Corporate Profile for VisiCom, dated March 8, 1996.


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Published date: March 8, 1996

Company name: VisiCom

Address: 10052 Mesa Ridge Court
 San Diego, Calif. 92121

Telephone No.: 619/457-2111

Chief Executive
 Officer: Clifton Cooke

Chief Financial
 Officer: Ted Mackay

Investor Relations
 Contact: Gene Kennon or Clifton Cooke
 Business number: 619/457-2111

Public Relations
 Contact: Karen Johnson or Gene Kennon
 Business number: 619/457-2111

Industry: Computer Software and Hardware

WWW Site:

Company description: VisiCom's expertise is focused on computer systems engineering, real-time software development and systems integration. Founded in 1988, VisiCom has been providing solutions to client problems by integrating commercially available technology with VisiCom-developed software and hardware products. At the end of its eighth year VisiCom will generate $40M in revenue. VisiCom is a privately held company with headquarters in San Diego and offices in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia and Washington.

The market for VisiCom's products is the world of embedded real-time control systems used in applications such as the control of manufacturing facilities, communications services, operation of automobile braking systems, operation of automatic teller machines, and command and control of weapons, sensors, and participants in military battle situations. This mix allows VisiCom to take advantage of commercial off-the-shelf products to provide low-cost, reliable solutions to DoD real-time control problems, and take the unique control and reliability features of DoD systems and apply them to non-military control systems.

Current product and service capabilities include:

-- Communications Systems and Hardware

-- The Antares family of NTDS I/O Hardware Boards

-- Military Rehost Computing Solutions

-- Multi Media, Video, Audio and Graphics Boards

-- Real-Time Systems Integration Products and Services

-- Tactical Simulation and Training

-- High Reliability Manufacturing Services

-- Systems Integration and Maintenance Services

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 8, 1996
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