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Corporate Profile for Uniloc, dated Dec. 4, 1999.


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Published Date: Dec. 4, 1999

Company Name: Uniloc

Address: 2134 Main St., Suite 260
 Huntington Beach, Calif. 92648

Main Telephone
 Number: 714/960-7850

Internet Home
 Page Address

Chief Executive
 Officer: Ric Richardson

Chief Financial
 Officer: Jack A. Carr

Public Relations
 Contact: Les Goldberg, APR
 Business number: 714/960-0628
 E-mail address:

Industry: High-technology (software)

Company description: The Uniloc Co. was founded in 1992 in Australia with international patents for a unique new electronic software distribution technology that encompasses all of the advantages and power of electronic distribution and transaction management, and solves many of the problems faced in the high-tech market today.

The Uniloc solution applies to all market participants -- the software publisher or independent software vendor (ISV), the PC supplier or original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the resellers who include distributors and retailers alike and the consumer.

With patents already granted for the U.S. market and pending in several countries, Uniloc owns the rights to the technology that allows for software to be locked by the ISV and unlocked by the potential consumer. Software serialization is not required and communication between the client and license management server is greatly simplified. This provides advantages to all parties:

-- Publishers are assured payment for their products, and they have

easy access to information about every sale. -- Publishers are provided a new level of piracy protection since the

software is tied to the PC on which it was unlocked and installed. -- Because the software is distributed on new PCs or through the

software distribution channel, inventory costs are minimized or

eliminated. -- Payments are made and verified with the use of access numbers,

giving resellers or distributors an easier, more efficient way to

complete the sale. -- Customers can try the full software programs for up to two weeks

at their convenience before deciding to purchase them with their

credit cards from any of several participating retailers. Shortly

after the transaction, they receive the shrink-wrapped,

off-the-shelf software package, complete with documentation, to

supplement the program already unlocked and installed in their PC.

Since the patents were applied for in 1992, Uniloc established a three-year exclusive marketing agreement with IBM and later produced non-exclusive campaigns with many of the leading PC industry companies and publications, including CompUSA, Egghead, Software Etc., Commence, Ziff-Davis and others.

Based on its early success, Uniloc moved to the United States in 1996 and a year later established its headquarters in Huntington Beach.

The company's initial product offering is called "TITLEwave," a library of up to 120 top brand software titles to be distributed beginning early in 2000 through Uniloc's partners.

The Uniloc Co. and Uniloc PC Preload Inc. are privately held companies. However, revenues are expected to reach $30 million by 2001.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 3, 1999
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