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Corporate Profile for ThermoGenesis Corp., dated June 18, 1999.


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Published Date: June 18, 1999

Company Name: ThermoGenesis Corp.

Address: 3146 Gold Camp Dr.
 Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Main Telephone
 Number: 916/858-5100

Internet Home
 Page Address

Chief Executive
 Officer: Philip H. Coelho

Chief Financial
 Officer: Renee Ruecker, VP

Investor Relations
 Contact: David C. Adams, VP
 Business number: 916/858-5100
 E-mail address:

Public Relations
 Contact: David C. Adams, VP
 Business number: 916/858-5100
 E-mail address:

Industry: Medical device design and manufacture

Trading Symbol/
 Exchange: Nasdaq:KOOL

Market Makers: Paradise Valley Securities; Neidiger,
Tucker, Bruner; Fahnestock & Co.; Spear, Leeds & Kellogg; Neuberger &


Company description: ThermoGenesis Corp. ("Company"), founded in 1986, is a leading developer and manufacturer of micro-manufacturing systems designed to harvest Biopharmaceutical drugs from blood.

Biopharmaceutical drugs utilize the body's naturally occurring proteins, enzymes, growth factors, hormones and progenitor cells for the treatment of human disease. ThermoGenesis Corp. Technology Platforms micro-manufacture Biopharmaceutical drugs from a single donation of blood rather than "pools" of blood from thousands of donors or expensive recombinant technology.

The Company believes that micro-manufactured Biopharmaceutical drugs will emerge as the safest, most effective and least expensive treatment for two major medical markets: Wound Care and Cellular Therapy.

The Company's core expertise lies in the areas of thermodynamics and cryopreservation, technologies that it initially applied to ultra rapid freezers and thawers, FDA class I products, sold to blood banks and hospitals in 32 countries throughout the world. Until 4th quarter FY98, the Company's revenues had been principally derived from these core products.

Following four years of intensive research and development, in the 4th quarter of FY98 the Company began shipping its first micro-manufacturing system, the BioArchive(TM) System, a computer controlled liquid nitrogen platform with dedicated disposables for manufacturing and cryopreserving a drug composed of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells sourced from placental cord blood, which is used to reconstitute the immune system of patients suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, diverse inherited anemias, or hypoproliferative stem cell disorders.

The Company has entered into a period of rapid transformation as it begins the manufacture and marketing of a series of these Biopharmaceutical micro-manufacturing systems with recurring revenues from high margin disposables.

The Company's strategy is to utilize its two new Biopharmaceutical Technology Platforms -- the BioArchive Platform and the CryoSeal(TM) Platform -- as the basis for developing medical devices to micro-manufacture drugs from either autologous or single donor blood which will compete in two major medical markets: Wound Care and Cellular Therapy. -0-

Shares Outstanding: (roughly) 19,764,000
Float: $31 M
EPS: $(.48)
Long Term Debt: $0.00

Fiscal 1999 High Low
First Quarter $2.31 $1.25
Second Quarter $2.69 $0.75
Third Quarter $3.31 $1.75

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Publication:Business Wire
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Date:Jun 18, 1999
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