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Corporate Profile for Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc., dated August 18, 1995.

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Published date: August 18, 1995

Company name: Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc.

Address: 45225 Northport Court
 Fremont, CA 94538

Telephone No.: 510/226-7333

Chief Executive
 Officer: Ben Chan

Chief Financial
 Officer: C.H. Pan

Public Relations
 Contact: Crowley Communications
 Business number: 408/377-8384

Industry: Motherboards, graphics accelerators, multimedia
 products, monitors

Company description: Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is primarily known as one of the largest motherboard manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1987 with just $200,000 in capital, ECS has grown into a $350 million dollar company with over 600 employees worldwide. Publicly held in Taiwan, Elitegroup has offices in Asia, Europe and North America. In 1994, Elitegroup shipped over 1.7 million motherboards.

Elitegroup designs and manufactures motherboards, add-on boards and most recently, multimedia products for the OEM and VAR channels. Much of Elitegroup's success is based on strong R&D, total commitment to quality and a highly experienced and efficient manufacturing team.

ECS expects revenues to be $500 million by 1995 with a projected annual growth rate of 43%.

Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc. (USA)

Elitegroup's U.S.-based operations are headquartered in Fremont, CA. This subsidiary is responsible for $87 million of Elitegroup's annual sales in 1994. The subsidiary was established to focus on the specific requirements of the American marketplace.

Elitegroup is committed to providing a broad range of products that meet OEM and VAR requirements for flexibility in product offerings at the low, medium and high end of the market.

Historically, the company has sold products primarily through OEM and VAR channels. More recently, Elitegroup has signed agreements with major national distributors such as Tech Data, making Elitegroup products more broadly available to a wider range of customers.

CONTACT: Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc.
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Publication:Business Wire
Article Type:Company Profile
Date:Aug 18, 1995
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