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Corporate Profile for CIBER, Inc., dated March 8, 1996.

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Published date: March 8, 1996

Company name: CIBER, Inc.

Address: 5251 DTC Pky, Ste 1400
 Englewood, CO 80111

Telephone No.: 303/220-0100

Chief Executive
 Officer: Bob G. Stevenson

Chief Financial
 Officer: Mac J. Slingerlend

Investor Relations
 Contact: Kara Kennedy
 Business number: 303/220-0100

Public Relations
 Contact: Kara Kennedy
 Business number: 303/220-0100

URL/email address:

Trading symbol: CIBR

Industry: Service: Computer consulting

Company description: CIBER, Inc. is a nationwide provider of information technology consulting services, combining application software staff supplementation, system life-cycle project responsibility and package software implementation services.

Through its over 1,450 highly trained consultants operating out of 25 branches in 18 states, plus one office in each of two foreign countries, the company offers services to its clients in two principal areas: information technology services and package software implementation services. -0-

Annual Sales: 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
 (In thousands)

 $43,866 $48,889 $58,562 $72,093 $109,069
Net Income $617 $879 $1,295 $3,569 $7,190

Stock Highs/Lows: $34.25 - $7.75

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 8, 1996
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