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Corporate Profile for Amplitude Software Corporation, dated July 2, 1999.


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Published Date: July 2, 1999

Company Name: Amplitude Software Corporation

Address: 185 Berry Street, Suite 4700
 San Francisco, CA 94107

Main Telephone
 Number: 888/779-2600

Internet Home
 Page Address

Chief Executive
 Officer: Randall Sosnick

Chief Financial
 Officer: Denise St. Onge

Public Relations
 Contact: Steven Fielding
 Business number: 415/772-8451

Industry: Enterprise software

Company description: Founded in 1996, Amplitude is the leader in web-based solutions for shared resource scheduling, service request automation, alternative workspace management, and enterprise calendaring. The company is among the first in its category to offer its solutions via an application hosting model and will continue to drive trends that set new standards for customer service and support.

Amplitude strives to deliver bottom-line savings on real estate and resources by dramatically improving employees' abilities to complete workplace-related tasks such as scheduling and coordination. Millions of end-users at more than 250 customers worldwide use Amplitude products including some of the world's largest corporations and institutions: Arthur Andersen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hewlett-Packard, KPMG, Kraft Foods, Lucent, and Macy's. UPSIDE Magazine has twice identified the company as one of the Top 100 hottest privately held companies.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 2, 1999
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