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Corporate Profile for American Career Centers Inc., dated Jan. 12, 2001.

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Published Date: Jan. 12, 2001

Company Name: American Career Centers Inc.

Address: 2490 South 300 West
 Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Main Telephone
 Number: 801/485-6200

Internet Home
 Page Address

Chairman: Ronald C. Mears

President: William G. Anthony

Chief Financial
 Officer: Thomas D. Keene

Investor Relations
 Contact: Anthony Hitt, Quality Communications Network (QCN)
 Business number: 310/664-9779
 E-mail address:

Public Relations
 Contact: Anthony Hitt, Quality Communications Network (QCN)
 Business number: 310/664-9779
 E-mail address:

Industry: Career training, computer training

Trading Symbol/
 Exchange: OTCBB: ACCI

Company description:

Overview: American Career Centers Inc. was formed in June of 1999 as a holding company for the acquisition of information technology training centers. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Alpha Computer Solutions Inc., the company provides advanced computer training to a wide range of corporate and individual clients.

American Career Centers Inc. is a leading provider of post secondary technology education with an emphasis in Internet related curricula. ACCI is a leading innovator in providing instructor-led classes that offer real-world knowledge, one computer to one student curriculum, advanced hardware, the latest software applications, and custom classes for corporate, government and individual clients.

Subsidiary: Alpha Computer Solutions Inc.-- Acquired in June of 1999: Alpha develops, markets and sells a proprietary Internet-related training curriculum that is unique in the computer training industry.

Product: ACCI, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Alpha Computer Solutions Inc., provides software application training for corporations and individuals. The company emphasizes Internet-related training and has developed a proprietary curriculum marketed as the "Alpha Webmaster Training Program."

This product has been developed in conjunction with Internet standards established by the Certified Internet Webmaster Association, Microsoft, Novell, Adobe, Macromedia, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and CompTIA.

The AWTP program has been designed to target training in the three Internet disciplines (design, development and networking) over four distinct skill levels, allowing students to advance from entry level to expert in their selected discipline in a short period of time at an extremely affordable cost.

Customers: The company provides computer training to employees of more than 1,500 organizations including American Express Co., First Health, First Security Corp., Novell Inc. and Qwest Communications. It is also the largest provider of computer training to the State of Utah.

Strategic Alliances: Certified Internet Webmasters Partner (CIW) Prosoft Certified Training Center Sylvan Prometric Testing Center Adobe Software

Training Center Marcomedia Training Center International Webmasters Association Testing Center (IWA) International Webmasters Association Training Center (IWA)

Executive Management: Ronald C. Mears, Chairman of the Board William G. Anthony, President Thomas D. Keene, Chief Financial Officer


-- Unique proprietary product line in a high-demand marketplace

-- Poised to open training facilities in several key western U.S.

cities in the next 12 months

-- Currently in final negotiations for acquisitions and joint

ventures in supplemental locations

-- Projected profitability in new locations and acquisitions in

as little as 6 months

-- High percentage of repeat corporate business

-- Proven sales and marketing models

-- Proven product in terms of student placement and career


-- Minimal Accounts Receivable and no bad debt

-- Limited competition in most major U.S. cities

Additional Highlights:

-- Has trained over 14,000 students in the first two years of


-- Successfully markets and sells to both corporations and


-- Customer base includes over 1,500 major companies and

government agencies

-- Proprietary curriculum offers in-depth training as well as

hands-on experience

-- Broadest computer and Internet related curriculum available --

includes all levels of difficulty from overview to advanced

technical specialties

-- Customizable curriculum for corporate clients

-- Offers complete career preparation in minimal time at

affordable prices

-- Largest provider of computer training to the State of Utah,

Utah Workforce Services and Utah Vocational Rehabilitation.

 Financial Highlights:

 ($,000's) 1998(a) 1999(a) Q3 2000(b)

Revenue $ 197 $ 765 $ 1,410
Net Income (Loss) $ (839) $ (1,226) $ (1,146)
EPS $ (.42) $ (.37) $ (.19)
Wtd. Avg. Shares
 (Fully Diluted) 1,764,790 3,628,324 6,055,717

(a) Audited (b) Unaudited
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 12, 2001
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