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Corporate Focus. (Data News and Products).

Eurofinancials platform, Corporate Focus, is designed to enable users to access, analyse, benchmark and share public companies' data worldwide including harmonised data for cross-country comparisons, modified data for precision, and, access to the calculations involved.


The main advantage of this service is based on the technological innovations enabling data integration between web tools and the Excel spreadsheet.

The ISB (Intelligent Spreadsheet Builder) can take tables from the Internet platform, containing financial ratios with their calculation formulae, and the source data from which the results were taken, and export them into an Excel spreadsheet. The aim is to provide the end user with everything he needs for total control over the processing and analysis of the data. Until now, the standard technologies for exporting from the Internet to Excel have only allowed the results of calculations to be viewed in the spreadsheet. The major disadvantage of these techniques arises from the need to check each result by consulting a book of definitions, or by contacting directly the analysts who carried out the calculations. ISB resolves this limitation, because both data and calculations are exported to Excel. www.infotech/
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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