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Vatican claims on rights of children 'downright wrong' McAleese blasts Church on corporal punishment. Sep 14, 2017 368
Watch at home; THE BEAT Movies; The classic film Belle de Jour sees Catherine Deneuve's bored doctor's wife spice up her life by working at a high-class brothel. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking 1967 drama, which sees Belle experiment with domination, sadomasochism and bondage, it's been given a spanking fresh 4K restoration for release today. Sep 8, 2017 281
Horror that fails to scare; THE BEAT Movies; The classic film Belle de Jour sees Catherine Deneuve's bored doctor's wife spice up her life by working at a high-class brothel. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking 1967 drama, which sees Belle experiment with domination, sadomasochism and bondage, it's been given a spanking fresh 4K restoration for release today. Sep 8, 2017 319
GOON: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS; THE BEAT Movies; The classic film Belle de Jour sees Catherine Deneuve's bored doctor's wife spice up her life by working at a high-class brothel. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking 1967 drama, which sees Belle experiment with domination, sadomasochism and bondage, it's been given a spanking fresh 4K restoration for release today. Sep 8, 2017 184
THE VAULT; THE BEAT Movies; The classic film Belle de Jour sees Catherine Deneuve's bored doctor's wife spice up her life by working at a high-class brothel. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking 1967 drama, which sees Belle experiment with domination, sadomasochism and bondage, it's been given a spanking fresh 4K restoration for release today. Sep 8, 2017 183
Smacking makes parenting more difficult for everyone. Aug 1, 2017 1339
Parenting isn't easy but smacking just makes it harder for everyone. Jul 31, 2017 1288
Smacking law will bring Wales in line with other nations. Jul 20, 2017 563
'Smacking ban' will be victory for Julie's battle; Labour AM Julie Morgan hopes to see the end of physical punishment for children following years of campaigning. She spoke to Martin Shipton. Jul 19, 2017 870
Redefining parental rights: The case of corporal punishment. Godsoe, Cynthia Jun 22, 2017 11349
Oh no! Hammered Royals still have so much work to do; BERNARD FLYNN; Expert analysis from a legend of the game. Jun 21, 2017 679
Oh no! Hammered Royals still have so much work to do. Jun 21, 2017 670
NA body discusses Prohibition of Corporal Punishment, OGRA (Amendment) Bills. May 17, 2017 379
A smacking ban will give kids same protection as the rest of our society; CALL FOR LAW CHANGE OVER PUNISHMENT MSPs could debate Bill to ban physical discipline of children. May 13, 2017 399
Schoolteacher arrested over corporal punishment charges. May 7, 2017 208
Spanked children more likely to defy parents, be anti-social, new study says. May 5, 2017 317
Corporal punishment: Harmful for Black children. Elfman, Lois Interview Apr 20, 2017 841
LOOK: Crucifixion, flagellation in San Fernando, Pampanga. Apr 14, 2017 148
Corporal Punishment and its Effects in Pakistan. Essay Dec 31, 2016 4308
Hontiveros: Duterte spanking female cops 'alarming'. Nov 28, 2016 586
Duterte admits spanking bottoms of female cops. Nov 28, 2016 358
Mortazavi sentenced to 135 lashes. Nov 11, 2016 768
Oman schools: Ban on corporal punishment sees positive reaction. Oct 29, 2016 366
Oman bans corporal punishment in Muscat schools. Oct 23, 2016 347
Lineker 'spanking' over refugees crisis. Oct 22, 2016 183
Le'Andria Johnson Stars in Spare The Rod Spoil The Child at The Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC. Oct 6, 2016 345
Violence towards schoolchildren is never acceptable. Oct 5, 2016 1020
Mo and Co gave the Spaniards a spanking; On The Record.. Oct 3, 2016 505
No more popping, swatting, slapping, and spanking. Beardmore, Daniel Oct 1, 2016 590
Woman charged after report of spanking. Aug 20, 2016 332
DepEd says no to corporal punishment. Aug 12, 2016 230
Commissioner Malakand warns against corporal punishment. Aug 5, 2016 128
Corporal punishment. Jul 18, 2016 334
HELL OF A SPANKING; WIMBLEDON 2016 WE'LL TAKE YOU THERE Magnificent Murray gives kid Kyrgios a lesson in application 4 6. Jul 5, 2016 955
Spanking revisited. Rollins, Judy A. Editorial Jul 1, 2016 688
Church minister jailed for naked 'spiritual' spanking. May 7, 2016 147
Impacts of corporal punishment on children. Mar 28, 2016 576
The French connection; This Gallic singing sensation is set to storm the UK and give pop a good spanking. Mar 4, 2016 698
The French connection; This Gallic singing sensation is set to storm the UK and give pop a good spanking. Mar 4, 2016 618
Shocking victims of Islamic State floggings. Jan 20, 2016 170
Ted Cruz Suggests "Spanking" for Clinton Role in Benghazi. Jan 8, 2016 349
On Truth Serum, Fifty Years Ago, My Mother Chats. Olds, Sharon Poem Jan 1, 2016 427
PEF directs schools to affix boards against corporal punishment. Dec 19, 2015 176
Treat corporal punishment as a risk factor. Kilgore, Christine Dec 1, 2015 1161
History of postpartum depression and the odds of maternal corporal punishment. Knox, Michele; Rosenberger, Ryan; Sarwar, Sajjad; Mangewala, Vikas; Klag, Natalie Report Dec 1, 2015 2631
Archbishop backs call to ban smacking. Nov 26, 2015 240
Archbishop supports call to ban smacking. Nov 26, 2015 383
Archbishop backing call to ban smacking children in Wales; 'IT'S WRONG TO HIT AN ADULT ... AND WRONG TO HIT A CHILD'. Nov 21, 2015 328
Hands off our children, youngsters deserve to have rights; On Universal Children's Day, Children's Commissioner for Wales Professor Sally Holland explains why she wants to ban smacking... Nov 20, 2015 1219
A Twitter timeline: The story of the British pensioner sentenced to 378 lashes in Saudi Arabia. Chronology Nov 12, 2015 615
Give them the lash; Mayor wants corporal punishment for callous burglars who put their victims through terrifying ordeals. Nov 11, 2015 476
Senior Bush Gives Son A Spanking. Nov 11, 2015 931
School spanking videos outrage residents. Oct 25, 2015 601
Strictly spanking. Oct 4, 2015 434
Paddle or belt? No, not for spanking. pros and cons of two common holster types. Tarr, James Oct 1, 2015 1531
The theatre of punishment: case studies in the political function of corporal and capital punishment. Druzin, Bryan H.; Wan, Anthony S. Sep 22, 2015 16208
Corporal punishment: the case of a child abuse by a Malaysian couple in Sweden. Islam, Zahidul; Rahman, Mashiur Case study Aug 1, 2015 2061
Child rights groups push bill banning corporal punishment. Jul 27, 2015 532
The Impact of Positive and Negative Attitude of Teachers towards Corporal Punishment on Students' Achievement in Mathematics. Ali, Asghar; Mirza, Munawar S.; Rauf, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2015 1920
PARENTS WHO HIT KIDS ARE BANG OUT OF ORDER; Charities call on Ireland to ban all corporal punishment. May 28, 2015 454
Charity calls for legal ban on smacking. May 27, 2015 103
PEF MD takes notice of corporal punishment. Apr 21, 2015 101
Catholics should take lead in banning paddling. Block, Nadine Mar 27, 2015 845
Egypt schoolboy dies after severe corporal punishment by teacher. Mar 8, 2015 237
GAME SET& MUNCH; DAVIS CUP YANKS SUFFER A DAY-ONE SPANKING IN GLASGOW Home fans roar Murray and Ward to triumph - and the grub was pretty tasty too. Mar 7, 2015 1168
on smacking children; Assembly rejects ban on smacking of children. Mar 4, 2015 729
PEF schools warn of corporal punishment. Feb 16, 2015 120
PEF schools warn of corporal punishment. Feb 16, 2015 120
Spanking great yawn; Fantasy bondage adventure too silly to be sexy; Film. Feb 15, 2015 279
Spanking great yawn; Fantasy bondage adventure too silly to be sexy; Films. Feb 15, 2015 276
Spanking great yawn; Fantasy bondage adventure too silly to be sexy. Feb 15, 2015 275
Spank comment alarms sex abuse commission. Winfield, Nicole Feb 8, 2015 415
A worldwide phenomenon turns into a spanking success A worldwide phenomenon turns into a. Feb 1, 2015 125
Parental physical punishment and behavioural outcomes in preschool children. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 113
"A view from the top": crafting the male "Domdentity" in domestic discipline relationships. Carmack, Heather J.; DeGroot, Jocelyn M.; Quinlan, Margaret M. Report Jan 1, 2015 7409
Committee numbers may hold up ban on smacking. Dec 5, 2014 216
Spanking children illegal in 43 countries. Dec 4, 2014 448
Why delay ban on smacking children? LETTERS. Dec 3, 2014 225
Action needed to ban smacking [...]. Dec 1, 2014 230
MP Bekeshev proposes to introduce corporal punishment for certain crimes. Nov 27, 2014 113
No need for delay over ban on smacking children, SAYSAM. Nov 26, 2014 293
SHAPE UP... OR ELSE; Belgian keeper Courtois warns his side they must improve or face 'a spanking' against Wales. Nov 14, 2014 301
Courtois blasts Belgians and warns of a Welsh 'spanking'. Nov 14, 2014 260
COURTOIS: I FEAR WALES SPANKING; GARETH BALE & CO GIVING BELGIANS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS We'll get a hiding if we aren't at our best warns e'll Belgium shotstopper. Nov 14, 2014 304
He just did it as a laugh for good money ...Lorna's so embarrassed HUNK'S SPANKING MOVIES SECRET EXPOSED; BOYFRIEND OF EASTENDERS STAR IN VIDEO SHAME. Nov 9, 2014 952
He just did it as a laugh for good money ...Lorna's so embarrassed; HUNK'S SPANKING MOVIES SECRET EXPOSED BOYFRIEND OF EASTENDERS STAR IN VIDEO SHAME. Nov 9, 2014 948
FTC spanking Gerber for false advertising. Oct 31, 2014 238
'Black-ish' Episode 4 Recap: 'Crime And Punishment'. Oct 27, 2014 500
Spare the spanking; respect the child. Schlumpf, Heidi Oct 10, 2014 891
Letters from Maine: sparing the rod. Wilkoff, William G. Oct 1, 2014 648
EUROPEAN; CUP Rory: Europeans won't stop spanking Yanks until we finally overtake their Ryder record. Sep 29, 2014 673
Kim Kardashian Will Discipline North West But Has Her Own Ways To Do So -- Find Out Her Approach. Sep 25, 2014 365
Harvard and Stanford Experts Speak Out Against Spanking at Kids In The House. Sep 16, 2014 1017
From policy to practice supporting students with diverse needs in Thailand: critical issues and implications. Opartkiattikul, Watinee; Arthur-Kelly, Michael; Dempsey, Ian Report Sep 1, 2014 7359
Corporal punishment in the Caribbean: attitudes and practices/Castigo corporal en el Caribe: actitudes y practicas/ Chatiments corporels dans les Caraibes: attitudes et les pratiques. Bailey, Corin; Robinson, Tracy; Coore-Desai, Charlene Survey Sep 1, 2014 9352
NHRC issues notice to Andhra Govt. over corporal punishment to three visually impaired students. Jul 22, 2014 115
Is Yelling The New Spanking? Jun 23, 2014 553
Behavioral consult: talking about corporal punishment. Howard, Barbara J. Jun 1, 2014 1442
Dubai school admits to corporal punishment. May 7, 2014 419
Time to ban corporal punishment for good. Apr 29, 2014 704
Kids misbehave within ten minutes of spanking: Study. Apr 16, 2014 300
'Game of Thrones' Star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Gets Ugly Bruises from Kate Upton's Spanking on 'The Other Woman' Set. Apr 14, 2014 409
The physical effects of the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus. McDermott, Terry Mar 1, 2014 3575
PEF launches composite corporal punishment redressal system in schools. Feb 13, 2014 388
PEF launched a composite punishment redressal system. Feb 13, 2014 410
Justin Bieber spanking stripers sex tape filmed during Down Under tour. Feb 4, 2014 103
Selena Gomez Disgusted Beyond Limits By Justin Bieber 'Nipple' Photo and Stripper Spanking Video? Feb 4, 2014 369
Spanking kids could have negative impact on child behavior. Jan 29, 2014 220
Corporal punishment for the 13 Birbhum gangrape accused: WB Governor. Jan 25, 2014 267
Birbhum gang-rape: WB Governor asks for corporal punishment to culprits. Jan 23, 2014 144
Corporal punishment and domestic violence: the case for "anti-spanking" legislation. Wells, Lana; Turner, Alina Tanasescu Jan 1, 2014 1137
Call to ban smacking. Dec 30, 2013 116
Children who are spanked have lower IQs worldwide. Dec 18, 2013 596
Spanking linked to later behavioral, cognitive problems. Moon, Mary Ann Dec 1, 2013 769
Study adds detail, longer-term outcomes. Jellinek, Michael S. Dec 1, 2013 347
The primordial violence; spanking children, psychological development, violence, and crime. Book review Dec 1, 2013 135
Spanking linked to later behavioral, cognitive problems. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 1, 2013 545
Study adds detail, longer-term outcomes. Jellinek, Michael S. Nov 1, 2013 322
Quezon City, Philippines. Taylor, Estvanik Nov 1, 2013 360
Maternal child abuse and its association with maternal anxiety in the socio-cultural context of Iran. Douki, Zahra Esmaeili; Esmaeili, Mohammad Reza; Vaezzadeh, Nazanin; Mohammadpour, Reza Ali; Azimi, H Report Nov 1, 2013 4682
France: Father Fined For Spanking Son who Failed to say 'Hello'. Oct 17, 2013 421
UK PM Cameron given 'good spanking' on Wimbledon by ex-British tennis pro. Oct 6, 2013 191
Four in Five Americans Believe Parents Spanking Their Children is Sometimes Appropriate. Sep 26, 2013 1215
Balochistan Government to legislate against corporal punishment. Sep 12, 2013 417
Shouting, cursing as bad as physical punishment for teens! Sep 5, 2013 302
Physical punishment and behavior. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 153
Attitudes toward smacking in a New Zealand probability sample: psychological and demographic correlates. Dittman, Cassandra K.; Sibley, Chris G.; Farruggia, Susan P. Report Jul 1, 2013 8342
Naughty "Nurse" Ruby gets a spanking from the critics. Jun 24, 2013 203
Christian Domestic Discipline guideline allows spanking and punishing of wives. Jun 22, 2013 247
Paddling makes comeback in Florida Schools. DeNisco, Alison Jun 1, 2013 420
Council backs call to ban smacking children. Apr 26, 2013 413
Ban smacking of children, urge charities. Apr 18, 2013 282
NA unanimously passes Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill' 2013. Mar 13, 2013 425
NA unanimously passes Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill, 2013. Mar 13, 2013 425
NA passes Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill 2013. Mar 13, 2013 424
Corporal punishment: Legislation to be introduced in schools: Shahbaz. Feb 25, 2013 101
Focus: Corporal punishment. Feb 16, 2013 999
Spare the rod... the rest is true. Dec 14, 2012 176
Legislation sought on corporal punishment in Balochistan. Nov 21, 2012 231
Jamaica To End Flogging Of Prisoners. Nov 17, 2012 226
Smith in boys' spanking claim. Nov 14, 2012 181
Corporal punishment for kids smacks of hypocrisy. Nov 2, 2012 423
RETRO REPORT; Caning embarrassment for Schools Minister. Oct 30, 2012 275
Balotelli buys younger brother spanking 80,000 pounds new Porsche 911. Sep 15, 2012 164
2012: revisiting the issue of corporal punishment in our nation's schools. Rollins, Judy A. Editorial Sep 1, 2012 910
Position Statements, Issue Briefs, Resolutions and Consensus Statements. Revised. Report Aug 21, 2012 677
Spanking can work; LETTER FROM THE PAST. Aug 7, 2012 173
Physical punishment: an effective method of discipline? Amukwaya, Yvonne Aug 3, 2012 662
Corporal punishment row: WB Police arrests Karabi Hostel warden. Jul 9, 2012 143
Indian Schoolgirl Forced To Drink Own Urine As Punishment, But Some Believe Practice Is Healthy. Jul 9, 2012 509
Should Discipline Hurt? Shifting American Spanking Beliefs and Implications for School Corporal Punishment Policies. Menard, Lauren A. Abstract Jul 7, 2012 235
'Spanking' A-Rod and girlfriend take cue from 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Jul 6, 2012 147
Physical punishments links to later mental disorder. Jul 4, 2012 295
Spanking linked to mental illness, says study. Jul 4, 2012 340
Study shows spanking boosts odds of mental illness. Jul 2, 2012 724
Pediatric points: "spare the rod and spoil the child?" New takes on physical punishment of children. Roy-Bornstein, Carolyn Jul 1, 2012 585
Thankfully, we've evolved beyond spanking. Jun 15, 2012 709
We got a spanking, admits O'Neill. Jun 4, 2012 379
Corporal punishment lands 7th grader in hospital. Jun 1, 2012 184
Political parties held responsible for corporal punishment at schools. May 31, 2012 349
Need stressed to eliminate corporal punishment in educational institutions. May 31, 2012 232
Oz-naval officer jailed for spanking female sailor's bare bottom. May 22, 2012 196
SPARC seeks enactment of Bill on Corporal Punishment. May 19, 2012 200
Ship worker jailed over spanking. May 12, 2012 216
Frances Barber 'DOMINATRIX, DRUNK , BITCH ? LOVE BEING A BADDIE' The actress, 53, on her saucy TV roles, compulsory corset-wearing, her guilty pleasure (it's cheesy Wotsits) and spanking Hollywood stars. May 6, 2012 925
Non-punitive parenting a primer. Hogaboom, Kelly May 1, 2012 2210
Corporal punishment may have long-term negative effects on children's intelligence. Apr 19, 2012 338
SPARC seeks enactment of Bill on Corporal Punishment. Apr 13, 2012 175
Indian school in the dock over corporal punishment. Apr 8, 2012 549
KR FALL SHORT AT THE KC.. ALL THE ACTION FROM SUPER Radford gives derby rivals a spanking. Apr 7, 2012 451
Keira Knightley says Brits very curious about her spanking scenes in film. Apr 2, 2012 214
FIRED WORKER DENIES PORN DOWNLOADS; Uni employee said someone else accessed spanking images. Mar 24, 2012 366
Spanking--is it harmful for all children? Gershoff, Elizabeth T. Mar 1, 2012 1166
Call for Corporal Punishment Bill Balochistan. Feb 28, 2012 218
Spare the rod ... Students use Napier's Rods and other `new' math methods. Feb 24, 2012 613
Physical punishment may turn kids more aggressive. Feb 7, 2012 349
Keira Knightley thinks Brits 'must like spanking'. Feb 1, 2012 169
Brits obviously like spanking, says Keira Knightley. Feb 1, 2012 208
Knightley drank vodka before filming spanking scenes. Jan 23, 2012 149
Manila to ban corporal punishment. Jan 22, 2012 388
School retires the paddle. Brief article Jan 20, 2012 135
Workers in Zimbabwe accuse Chinese firm of physical punishments, meagre pay. Jan 3, 2012 317
Legal smacking ban fails to prove a hit in national poll; JUST 28% OF PEOPLE BACK END TO CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. Dec 14, 2011 649
They cry for a spanking. Grumar, Dimitar Nov 28, 2011 106
Keira almost turned down 'Dangerous Method' due to spanking sex scenes. Nov 23, 2011 374
Battle over the paddle: is corporal punishment an effective disciplinary tool in school or a form of child abuse? Frosch, Dan Oct 24, 2011 1044
AMs vote to ban smacking - but early change unlikely; PARENTING CULTURE MUST CHANGE FIRST, SAYS MINISTER. Oct 20, 2011 782
Lorraine's a hit on Buzzcocks. Oct 19, 2011 217
BAN ON SMACKING. Oct 19, 2011 128
Assembly has no power to ban smacking, says Tory MP; GILLAN URGED TO ASK FOR SUPREME COURT RULING. Oct 19, 2011 897
'Wales doesn't have power to ban smacking' MP claims AMs' motion is unlawful. Oct 19, 2011 456
BACK LASH; Saudi let-off for woman driver. Sep 29, 2011 397
No to corporal punishment; YOUR LETTERS TO THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER OF WALES. Sep 22, 2011 258
Will we bring back caning? The days of corporal punishment in schools was outlawed more than two decades, but a new poll suggest public opinion may be turning back in its favour. DAN WARBURTON speaks to those charged with looking after the North East's children. Sep 16, 2011 781
Keira Knightley almost refused role in Cronenberg Film over spanking scene. Sep 15, 2011 301
`Corporal' punishment? Judge says Marines will substitute for probation. Aug 20, 2011 555
'Smacking kids is ok', says Oz church opposing ban on corporal punishment. Aug 8, 2011 184
Spanking kids deprives them of self-control skills. Aug 4, 2011 246
Champs get Bochum spanking. Jul 10, 2011 543
The lasting effect of corporal punishment; Mailbag letters also appear online at Mailbag. Letter to the editor Jul 4, 2011 235
Fink! Still at large: corporal punishment is destructive to the human spirit. How prevalent is corporal punishment around the world, and at what point does the practice become abuse? Fink, Paul J. Jul 1, 2011 1508
The Human Sexuality Shelf. Book review Jun 1, 2011 105
"Spanking" Bill Passes After Being Reconsidered. May 12, 2011 367
House Says No to Parental Consent for Spanking. May 11, 2011 450
Bring back the lash: why flogging is more humane than prison. Moskos, Peter Essay May 1, 2011 2163
Depressed fathers likely to spank. Apr 9, 2011 493
Evolving standards as a judicial mandate: necessary or superfluous? Klimko, Katheryn Mar 22, 2011 7257
Unlimited Justice* Campaign Calls on New Mexico Senate to Consider Bill to End Corporal Punishment in Public Schools. Mar 17, 2011 583
Long-term effects of spanking. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 131
Lead doesn't spare the rod: low-level exposure supercharges retinal cell production in mice. Spivey, Angela Jan 1, 2011 403
Student perceptions regarding vocational high school teachers' problem solving methods against undesired behaviors in classroom management. Gulcan, Murat Gurkan Report Dec 22, 2010 3556
WILL SHE RECOIL FROM MY SPANKING FETISH? dear coleen. Dec 16, 2010 254
Shocker has left usall deflated; Defeat was on a par with Arsenal spanking. Nov 30, 2010 339
Shocker has left us all deflated; Defeat was on a par with Arsenal spanking: True Blue hero tackling Goodison talking points IAN SNODIN. Nov 30, 2010 342
Spare the rod.. and Roo-in the boy. Oct 24, 2010 234
Rushdie suggests 'spanking' Bhanot for his CWG cleanliness comments. Oct 1, 2010 174
Jerry Lewis says LiLo needs spanking on her ass. Oct 1, 2010 217
Man testifies mother hit baby; Infant died after alleged spanking. Sep 28, 2010 576
'Spanking kept MJ away from gangs', says Joe Jackson. Sep 6, 2010 175
Eliminate the use of corporal punishment in public and private schools that receive federal funding. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2010 114
Research and Markets: Physical Punishment in Childhood: The Rights of the Child - Now Available. Jul 19, 2010 630
1 IN 4 PARENTS HIT THEIR KIDS. Jun 29, 2010 343
Ugly Truth. Jun 21, 2010 1018
Spanking makes a child more aggressive. Jun 15, 2010 272
Corporal punishment has no place in classroom. May 21, 2010 274
Hudson couldn't stop laughing while filming spanking scene in new film. May 20, 2010 197
Corporal punishment behind high school dropout. May 15, 2010 269
On spanking. Knox, Michele; Lentini, Jennifer May 1, 2010 1655
SpankOut Day April 30th : Honor Children by Learning Effective Discipline. Apr 30, 2010 416
70% oppose physical punishment by teachers. Apr 20, 2010 265
What a spanking idea for village. Apr 18, 2010 220
Foreword. Coleman, Doriane Lambelet; Dodge, Kenneth A. Mar 22, 2010 1810
Prevalence, societal causes, and trends in corporal punishment by parents in world perspective. Straus, Murray A. Mar 22, 2010 12654
More harm than good: a summary of scientific research on the intended and unintended effects of corporal punishment on children. Gershoff, Elizabeth T. Mar 22, 2010 12670
Are spanking injunctions scientifically supported? Larzelere, Robert E.; Baumrind, Diana Mar 22, 2010 13826
The special problem of cultural differences in effects of corporal punishment. Lansford, Jennifer E. Mar 22, 2010 7525
Where and how to draw the line between reasonable corporal punishment and abuse. Coleman, Doriane Lambelet; Dodge, Kenneth A.; Campbell, Sarah Keeton Mar 22, 2010 33847
The age of discipline: the relevance of age to the reasonableness of corporal punishment. Cope, Kristin Collins Mar 22, 2010 10684
Parental entitlement and corporal punishment. Dwyer, James G. Mar 22, 2010 12238
Corporal punishment and the cultural defense. Renteln, Alison Dundes Mar 22, 2010 13709
Corporal punishment in the educational system versus corporal punishment by parents: a comparative view. Shmueli, Benjamin Mar 22, 2010 22334
Corporal punishment in the public schools: an analysis of federal constitutional claims. Mitchell, Courtney Mar 22, 2010 9588
Deuchar's delight at spanking the Bairns; PREMIER LEAGUE .. PREMIER LEAGUE .. Mar 14, 2010 286
Corporal punishment cause of drop out rates. Mar 7, 2010 616
Corporal punishment cause of drop out rates. Mar 2, 2010 622
Infant spanking: attitudes and past experiences. Chung, Esther K. Mar 1, 2010 905
Brit university registrar offered fake degrees in return for spanking. Feb 3, 2010 545
Corner flagellation must be stamped out. Jan 30, 2010 239
Give 'em their cash back; Call to refund fans after 3-0 spanking by Man Utd. Dec 20, 2009 463
Shrews get a spanking. Dec 20, 2009 193
THRASH METTLE; Latics' true grit provides perfect response to 9-1 Spurs spanking. Nov 30, 2009 585
Corporal Punishment is Still an Issue in Mideast: Unicef Report. Report Oct 9, 2009 750
Spanking 'lowers kids' IQs'. Sep 25, 2009 472
Spanking found to have negative effects on low-income toddlers. Clinical report Sep 16, 2009 485
Parental physical discipline in childhood linked to behaviour problems in teen age. Sep 15, 2009 336
CRC Larkana chapter meeting held Corporal punishment in various schools in Larkana be abolished:CRC. Sep 12, 2009 247
MPPH CEO wins a spanking Land Rover. Sep 11, 2009 352
No lashes, just fines, in Sudan "trouser case". Sep 6, 2009 676
Plans campaign aims to eliminate corporal punishment from schools. Jul 30, 2009 247
Does spanking mean I'm abused? JustJoan. Jul 29, 2009 132
Rotting meat, security documents, and corporal punishment: a local Chicago investigative reporter uses shoe-leather techniques and digital tools to uncover health and safety violations and be sure the news is widely spread. Savini, Dave Report Jun 22, 2009 1424
Just who do we think children are? New Zealanders' attitudes about children, childhood and parenting: an analysis of submissions on the bill to repeal section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961. Debski, Sophie; Buckley, Sue; Russell, Marie Apr 1, 2009 5950
Spanking helps 'bring couples closer': Study. Mar 31, 2009 269
Boy George was obsessed with spanking, claims male escort. Dec 3, 2008 173
EGYPT - Nov 28 - Egypt Minister Warns Against Media Pressure. Brief article Nov 29, 2008 230
Over 200,000 students spanked. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 175
Ask new mothers about corporal punishment. Bates, Betsy Aug 1, 2008 450
Nobody deserves a good spanking: by sparing the rod, both parents and children will learn the gospel discipline of nonviolence, argues this mother of four. Clarke, Megan Survey Jun 1, 2008 1742
Effects of Corporal Punishment and Psychological Treatment on Students' Learning and Behavior. Arif, Muhammad Shahbaz; Rafi, Muhammad Shaban Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 208
Spare the Rod, Destroy the Child: Examining the Speculative Association of Corporal Punishment and Deviant Behavior among Youth. Webb, Patrick Jan 1, 2007 140
Staff use of force in U.S. confinement settings: lawful control tactics versus corporal punishment. Martin, Steve J. Essay Dec 22, 2006 4309
Meanwhile, in Nigeria ... Brief Article Dec 6, 2005 128
Factors that affect parental disciplinary practices of children aged 12 to 19 months. Evans, Hughes Dec 1, 2005 7622
Keeping the peace. Milloy, Marilyn Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 349
Corporal punishment is legal in 22 states. Would you support its use in your school? Sep 1, 2005 757
Spanking in early childhood and later behavior problems. Slade, Eric May 1, 2005 1547
Use the Rod, spoil the child. Batstone, David Editorial Apr 1, 2005 814
'A good beating never hurt anyone': the punishment and abuse of children in twentieth century Ireland. Cinneide, Seamus O. Mar 22, 2005 9305
"'A Good Beating Never Hust Anyone': The Punishment and Abuse of Children in Twentieth Century Ireland". Brief Article Mar 22, 2005 223
The effect of corporal punishment on antisocial behavior in children. Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew Sep 1, 2004 6692
Minor corrective force of a transitory and trifling nature. Mitchell, Teresa Apr 1, 2004 943
Might not always right: size often does matter when it comes to securing rights, but little voices can shout too, and sometimes they're heard. Oct 1, 2003 3302
New South Wales v Lepore; Samin v Queensland; Rich v Queensland: schools' responsibility for teachers' sexual assault: non-delegable duty and vicarious liability. Vines, Prue Aug 1, 2003 7651
Jamaican child-rearing practices: the role of corporal punishment. Smith, Delores E.; Mosby, Gail Jun 22, 2003 4953
The whipping of Richard Moore: reading emotion in reconstruction America. Harcourt, Edward John Dec 22, 2002 12077
"Give him a doing": the birching of young offenders in Scotland (1). Mahood, Linda Dec 1, 2002 9943
(Corporal punishment). Mildon, Marsha Dec 1, 2002 1282
Scripture-based smacking. (Side Lines). Brief Article Sep 22, 2002 116
Corporal punishment takes research hit. (Behavior). Brief Article Aug 3, 2002 243
Issue of corporal punishment: re-examined. Stewart, Allen Jun 1, 2002 3817
Spanking survives. Mitchell, Teresa Apr 1, 2002 300
Spanking in schools comes under the spotlight. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 175
Discipline in children. (What Parents Want To Know About ...). Pellman, Harry Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 973
A different slant on spanking. Meyerhoff, Michael K. Aug 1, 2001 1000
Spanking: A Slap at Thoughtful Parenting. HOWARD, BARBARA J. Jul 1, 2001 1078
Determining reasonableness under the Fourth Amendment: physical force to control and punish students. Urbonya, Kathryn R. Jun 22, 2001 27846
Corporal punishment subject of research (by Adamirea Tijerino). Mildon, Marsha Apr 1, 2001 177
Teacher-Sanctioned Violence. Shidler, Linda Mar 22, 2001 1437

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