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Corona sales up.

Sales of Corona Extra beer were up 11 percent in 25 eastern states during the second quarter of 1992 as compared to the same period in 1991, the Gambrinus Importing Co. reported.

The importer added that sales of Corona Light increased eight percent, while sales of the 7-oz. Coronita Extra were up 51 percent during the same period.

"We are especially encouraged by the strong performance of our flagship, Corona Extra," said Ron Christesson, marketing director for Gambrinus. "This is our fifth consecutive quarterly sales increase, which tells us and our retailers that Corona is not just a fad of the '80s. Sales clearly prove Corona is a quality product that has remained popular with the import consumer."

Sales of all products from the Modelo Brewing Group, Mexico, have also posted encouraging results, Christesson pointed out, noting that sales for the entire Modelo brand family were up 13 percent over the first half of 1992.

"Successful sales programs combined with consistent efforts in our advertising program have largely contributed to this growth," Christesson went on. "Our biggest promotion, Cinco de Mayo, is in the second quarter, plus we completely rolled our new advertising campaign, |Satisfying More Than Thirst.'

"What's even more important is that we were still reaping the rewards of absorbing the Federal Excise Tax increase over a year ago," he added.
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Title Annotation:Gambrinus Importing Company Inc.'s Corona Extra beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 24, 1992
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