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Corona exports to over 40 countries.

Corona exports to over 40 countries

Since 1980, when Corona beer first made a splash in restaurants and watering holes throughout the Southwestern United States, the Mexican beer has risen from a U.S. market share of nothing to being the second-largest selling imported beer in the country.

During those same 11 years, the brand's U.S. success has been matched or surpassed in several other competitive markets. In Canada, Australia and New Zealand, for example, Corona is now the number-one imported beer, according to its brewer, Cerveceria Modelo. And in Japan, where it competes with some 300 other imported brands, it is a big seller, after just four years in the market.

While foreign sales represent only eight percent of Modelo's total production, the company takes its export activities seriously. While consolidation and continued growth of its major export markets remains a priority, Modelo has been steadily opening new foreign markets. Currently, Corona is sold in more than 40 countries, with the most recent marketing endeavors taking place in the Pacific Rim and in Europe.

"We just opened this year in some Far East markets," said Valentin Diez Morodo, Modelo's owner. In addition to Japan, other Pacific markets include Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The greater exporting challenge lay across the Atlantic, however. "We knew before we made the decision to go into Europe that it would be a very, very difficult market because of the tradition and the quality of the beer throughout Europe," Diez explained.

Corona was introduced to European markets in February 1990. Though Diez admitted this was "not the best month for beer because of the weather," he explained the choice was made to coincide with the European visit Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari. While Diez said it is too early to accurately gauge Corona's market success in Europe, he estimated that Modelo's exports to the region have doubled during the past 20 months.
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Title Annotation:Cerveceria Modelo S.A.'s beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 25, 1991
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