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Corona Light unveils new bottle graphics.

Cambrinus Importing Co. has introduced a new painted label for Corona Light. The label, Gambrinus' director of marketing Ron Christesson explained, "will enhance the future success of the popular product."

Christesson noted that depletions for Corona Light were up 40 percent versus the brand's 1989 sales figures. In many markets, he said, Corona Light is the leading light, including the two largest U.S. beer markets--Texas and California.

Gambrinus expects the packaging to further enhance the brand's growth. The new label covers less of the bottle's surface and lets more of the product's color through. "We're calling it the 'naked' look.' This label clearly defines the product and sets it apart from ordinary lights," Christesson said.
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Title Annotation:Gambrinus Importing Co.'s new painted label
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 24, 1991
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