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CBN facilitates release of 50,000MT of maize. Mar 4, 2021 339
CBN Facilitates Release Of 50,000 MT Of Maize. Mar 3, 2021 362
'Tariff cut to hit both hog and corn production'. Mar 2, 2021 820
Food rights organisation protests maize farming ban in Eastern Mau. Mar 2, 2021 467
The Green Corn Rebellion. Kauffman, Bill Mar 1, 2021 793
Double trouble for Ekiti maize farmers. Feb 26, 2021 1567
Viewers invited to corn mill sale amid pandemic; auction opponents angered as council allows travel'so it can profit from gifted building'. LIAM RANDALL Local Democracy Reporter Feb 25, 2021 460
Corn ribs are the latest food trend on TikTok. Feb 23, 2021 283
State to introduce Bt maize to boost yield, food security. Feb 22, 2021 425
Maize farmers record yields twice national average in 2020. Feb 22, 2021 413
Cherokee farmer grew rainbow-colored corn as a way to explore his heritage. Feb 19, 2021 193
You're selling off our heritage with auction of historic corn mill; PETITION LAUNCHED TO HALT SALE AND KEEP SITE FOR COMMUNITY. LIAM RANDALL Local Democracy Reporter Feb 17, 2021 591
High Cost Of Feeds: Poultry Farmers Urge FG To Consider Maize Importation. Feb 16, 2021 497
South-western districts expect bumper maize production. Feb 11, 2021 309
Syngenta says its corn reduces cattle emissions. Feb 11, 2021 174
Maize seed prices go up in cultivation weeks. Feb 10, 2021 338
Elburgon man arrested for killing wife over sack of maize. Feb 10, 2021 188
Repairs can be made to former corn mill. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Feb 5, 2021 513
CBN Expected 300,000MT Of Maize, A Drop In The Ocean- Stakeholders. Feb 2, 2021 1260
Efficiency of biological control for fall armyworm resistant to the protein Cry1F/Eficiencia do controle biologico da lagarta-do-cartucho resistente a proteina Cry1F. Souza, C.S.F.; Silveira, L.C.P.; Souza, B.H.S.; Nascimento, P.T.; Damasceno, N.C.R.; Mendes, S.M. Feb 1, 2021 8463
Growing corn in the city: Here's how a gardener does it. Jan 28, 2021 874
Amotekun Kicks As Herders Destroy 235 Hectares Maize Farmland In Ekiti. Jan 27, 2021 250
Vitamin E improves antioxidant status but not lipid metabolism in laying hens fed a aged corn-containing diet. Ding, X.M.; Mu, Y.D.; Zhang, K.Y.; Wang, J.P.; Bai, S.P.; Zeng, Q.F.; Peng, H.W. Report Jan 27, 2021 6276
Amotekun Kicks As Herders Destroy 235-Hectare Maize Farm In Ekiti. Jan 26, 2021 463
Herdsmen destroy multi-million naira maize farm in Ekiti forest reserve. Jan 26, 2021 479
Herdsmen Storm Ekiti Forest Reserve, Destroy Multi-Million Naira Maize Farm. Jan 26, 2021 479
Maize Shortage: How Lagos Govt Can Assist Poultry Farmers -Lagos PAN Chair. Jan 26, 2021 313
Consumers lose in maize price war. Jan 23, 2021 363
161 corn and coconut farmers in Agusan receive cash, food assistance. Jan 21, 2021 519
Segregate maize for humans, poultry consumption - agric expert. Jan 20, 2021 855
Price of maize to crash as CBN-ABP releases 300,000 MT. Jan 19, 2021 366
Rice stocks down 10.7% in December, as corn gains 20.9%. Jan 19, 2021 428
Maize up by Sh200, upper limit Sh2,700 so far. Jan 18, 2021 437
Prices Of Maize May Drop As ABP Plans To Release 300,000 Metric Tonnes. Jan 18, 2021 439
Corn Supply Squeeze Sends Prices Soaring, Risking Food Inflation. Jan 15, 2021 1287
CBN boosting Nigeria's maize output. Jan 13, 2021 1303
Relief for ugali lovers as maize flour prices come down. Jan 6, 2021 481
First hybrid corn set to be released. Jan 5, 2021 618
HARVEST TIME EFFECT ON QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE PARAMETERS OF FORAGE MAIZE. V. Mandic, Z. Bijelic, V. Krnjaja, S. Dordevic, M. Brankov, N. Micic and A. Stanojkovic Jan 5, 2021 3154
I love roasted corn with coconut -Seun Oyediji, celebrity TV broadcaster. Jan 3, 2021 1306
Simplify work with a maize sheller. Jan 2, 2021 672
Corn stover usage and farm profit for sustainable dairy farming in China. He, Yuan; Cone, John W.; Hendriks, Wouter H.; Dijkstra, Jan Jan 1, 2021 10861
DISPATCHES. Jan 1, 2021 3938
DA-7 equips cacao, corn-cassava, rice farmers in NegOr with production/marketing training. Dec 31, 2020 976
Food Security: GM Maize, Beans As The Game Changer. Dec 29, 2020 1540
What Government Should Do To Cushion Effect Of Maize Scarcity -Ogunnaike. Dec 29, 2020 289
Vehari's tale of transition: from cotton to maize and livestock. Dec 28, 2020 1109
President orders ban on use of maize to produce alcohol and ethanol. Dec 28, 2020 256
Kaduna: Bandits open fire in market square, kill 7, burn cars, bags of maize. Dec 24, 2020 389
Maize: How CBN, MAAN's Partnership Is Boosting Local Production To End Importation. Dec 22, 2020 1846
Corn Pudding. Recipe Dec 22, 2020 598
DA7, LGUs, private sector holds corn varietal derby in Asturias, Cebu. Dec 18, 2020 257
PH to import 600,000 MT of corn next year. Dec 18, 2020 615
Ojo Tasks Stakeholders On Review, Validation Of Draft National Descriptor For Maize, Rice, Soybean. Dec 18, 2020 376
Tela: New maize variety. Dec 18, 2020 607
Municipality aims to remain Cebu's top corn producer. Dec 15, 2020 457
PHENOTYPIC AND MOLECULAR EVALUATION OF MAIZE (Zea may L.) GENOTYPES UNDER FIELD CONDITIONS IN THE VOLTA REGION OF GHANA. Asare-Bediako, E.; Taah, K.J.; van der Puije, G.C.; Amenorpe, G.; Appiah Kubi, A.; Nee Lamptey, J.; Report Dec 15, 2020 7137
IGC cuts forecast for 2020/21 global corn crop. Dec 13, 2020 329
If corn is on the menu, I'm a Scarlett man; Stevie on the TV Love Bites, ITV2, Monday, 6pm. Dec 6, 2020 244
Poultry, hog raisers decry stricter corn import rules. Dec 4, 2020 538
DA tightens rules on corn imports. Dec 3, 2020 481
Genetically modified corn farms in PH expanding. Dec 2, 2020 407
State to pay Sh2 billion pending bills for 2017 maize importation. Dec 1, 2020 492
Reaping the promise of biotechnology. Dec 1, 2020 569
Approaches for assessing the impact of Zea mays (Poaceae) on the behavior of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its parasitoid Cotesia marginiventris (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Block, Anna K.; Mendoza, Jorrel; Rowley, Amy; Stuhl, Charles; Meagher, Robert L. Report Dec 1, 2020 7986
ANI inks MOA with PITC for rice-corn blend. Nov 28, 2020 389
AgriNurture adds unique rice-corn blend to portfolio. Nov 26, 2020 377
Syngenta Trailblazes, Continues Corn Derby Winning Streak. Nov 24, 2020 570
Rice inventory up, corn stock down. Nov 20, 2020 399
SMC unit buys 524,155 MT of corn yield to cushion Covid-19's impact on farmers. Nov 19, 2020 423
San Miguel's local corn purchases up 20% to 524,155 MT. Nov 19, 2020 272
SMC purchases over 500 million kilos of corn. Nov 19, 2020 400
Palawan sees growing corn as good prospect in support of livestock production. Nov 13, 2020 450
Flour mill sealed over charges of mixing maize flour in wheat flour. Nov 12, 2020 156
How TELA Maize Can Save Nigeria Over N360 Billion Annual Import Bill, Increase Yield. Nov 10, 2020 565
Nigeria Largest Producer Of Maize In Africa- Scientist. Nov 8, 2020 344
Tela Maize: Nigerian farmers to use biotechnology to meet 20m MT target. Nov 6, 2020 507
Over 200,000 hectares of rice, corn saved after onslaught of 'Rolly'. Nov 2, 2020 268
DA: Over 900,000 rice, corn fields may affected by Rolly. Nov 1, 2020 292
Traders buy maize at low prices as receipt system roll out delays. Nov 1, 2020 480
Effect of Inclusion of Degraded and Non-Degraded Date Pits in Broilers' Diet on their Intestinal Microbiota and Growth Performance. Alyileili, Salem R.; Belal, Ibrahim E.H.; Hussein, Ahmed S.; Tarabily, Khaled A. El- Nov 1, 2020 7516
Metabolizable Energy of Soybean Meal and Canola Meal as Influenced by the Reference Diet Used and Assay Method. Veluri, Shravani; Olukosi, Oluyinka Abiona Nov 1, 2020 5251
Regression-Derived Ileal Endogenous Amino Acid Losses in Broiler Chickens and Cannulated Pigs Fed Corn Fiber, Wheat Bran, and Pectin. Adedokun, Sunday A.; Adeola, Olayiwola Nov 1, 2020 8673
Propylene Glycol and Maize Grain Supplementation Improve Fertility Parameters in Dairy Cows. Mikula, Robert; Pruszynska-Oszmalek, Ewa; Kolodziejski, Pawel Antoni; Nowak, Wlodzimierz Nov 1, 2020 6347
Physicochemical properties and energy content of yellow dent corn from different climatic origins in growing pigs. Dong, Wenxuan; Li, Juntao; Li, Zhongchao; Zhang, Shuo; Li, Xiaozhen; Yang, Chundi; Liu, Ling; Zhang, Report Nov 1, 2020 8142
Combining Ability and Heterosis for Agronomic Traits, Husk and Cob Pigment Concentration of Maize. Khamphasan, Ponsawan; Lomthaisong, Khomsorn; Harakotr, Bhornchai; Scott, Marvin Paul; Lertrat, Kamol Nov 1, 2020 13368
Effects of Polyacrylamide-Based Super Absorbent Polymer and Corn Straw Biochar on the Arid and Semi-Arid Salinized Soil. Feng, Weiying; Gao, Jiayue; Cen, Rui; Yang, Fang; He, Zhongqi; Wu, Jin; Miao, Qingfeng; Liao, Haiqin Nov 1, 2020 8115
The Effect of Agrotechnical Factors on Fusarium Mycotoxins Level in Maize. Bocianowski, Jan; Szulc, Piotr; Waskiewicz, Agnieszka; Cyplik, Adrian Nov 1, 2020 7972
Evaluation of Eight Genotypes of Corn for the Commercial Cultivation of Huitlacoche in Nopalucan, Puebla, Mexico. Rahme, Omar Garcilazo; Salgado, Isaac Tello; Mata, Gerardo; Lezama, Conrado Parraguirre; de Ita, Mar Nov 1, 2020 8796
The Effect of Dietary Rye Inclusion and Xylanase Supplementation on Structural Organization of Bone Constitutive Phases in Laying Hens Fed a Wheat- Corn Diet. Muszynski, Siemowit; Arczewska, Marta; Swiatkiewicz, Sylwester; Arczewska- Wlosek, Anna; Dobrowolski Nov 1, 2020 10194
Beware of aflatoxin in stored maize. Oct 31, 2020 565
Steak fajitas, guac and grilled cheesy corn for movie nights. Oct 29, 2020 690
Fall armyworm pest threatens PH corn production. Oct 28, 2020 472
FG introduces disease resistance maize to farmers in A'Ibom - Official. Oct 28, 2020 398
FG introduces disease resistance maize to farmers in A'Ibom. Oct 28, 2020 398
A Ghanaian maize farmer thrives on the ashes of destroyed forest. Oct 28, 2020 658
Maize-soybean strip intercropping technology best solution for revitalizing soybean production in Pakistan: Chinese Expert. Oct 28, 2020 775
Armyworms infest 11,000 hectares of corn fields; damage at P300 million. Oct 27, 2020 427
Maize price declines to a 2-year low on Uhuru order. Oct 27, 2020 346
Fall armyworm infestation over corn farms to result in P20-B loss. Oct 27, 2020 522
Fall armyworms inflict P300 million losses to corn. Oct 27, 2020 477
Syngenta wins big at the 2020 Cordillera Corn Derby. Oct 26, 2020 517
Creation of Philippine Corn Research Institute sought. Oct 25, 2020 394
Reminders in getting Good Agricultural Practices certification for corn farming. Oct 20, 2020 1057
Farmers lament over Rivers State govt abandonment of maize silos. Oct 20, 2020 504
BAMB spurs farmers to invest in maize production. Oct 19, 2020 474
DA agencies asked to stop importation of rice, corn, other commodities during harvest time. Oct 19, 2020 559
Evil pig farmer impaled wife on a corn rake 'at least twice' - then claimed she fell on it in freak accident; Amy Mullis wanted to leave her husband but he made sure she would never escape his clutches or the farm he was obsessed with. Amy Mullis Oct 18, 2020 1714
Origin Agritech highlights GMO corn seed production capabilities. Oct 16, 2020 190
Safeguard duty on rice, corn sought. Oct 16, 2020 732
Candy Corn Beer Returns to Buffalo Creek Brewing for Halloween Season. Jody Grimaldi Oct 15, 2020 330
Farmers seek probe on smuggled corn. Oct 13, 2020 333
Slightly Smaller Corn Harvest Predicted for Kansas. Oct 13, 2020 208
SMC's local corn procurement rises to 400,000 MT. Oct 6, 2020 319
Deadly maize lethal necrosis disease under control, says expert. Oct 6, 2020 442
SMC buys corn from farmers. Oct 5, 2020 407
Influx of maize and milk will hurt prices - farmers. Oct 5, 2020 641
San Miguel to purchase more local corn. Oct 5, 2020 400
Importation blamed for low rice, corn prices. Oct 3, 2020 605
Solon files resolution urging DA to direct NFA to buy more palay, corn from farmers. Oct 3, 2020 389
Maize importation: CBN saves Nigeria from food crisis. Oct 2, 2020 441
Farmers want NCPB to buy maize at Sh3,500 per bag. Oct 2, 2020 735
LGUs, private firms told to buy local rice, corn. Oct 2, 2020 450
Agritech Firm Launches E-Commerce Platform To Deliver Corn To Nigerians. Oct 2, 2020 175
How robbers lured maize dealer from Kampala to Luweero before killing him. Oct 1, 2020 390
ASSESSMENT OF AFLATOXIN AND FUMONISIN CONTAMINATION LEVELS IN MAIZE AND MYCOTOXINS AWARENESS AND RISK FACTORS IN RWANDA. Niyibituronsa M.; Mukantwali C.; Nzamwita M.; Hagenimana G.; Niyoyita S.; Niyonshima A.; Hakizimana Oct 1, 2020 7252
Farmers' Knowledge and Management Practices of Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) in Benin, West Africa. Houngbo, Sidol; Zannou, Afio; Aoudji, Augustin; Sossou, Herve C.; Sinzogan, Antonio; Sikirou, Rachid Oct 1, 2020 7564
Morphological Characterization and Determination of Aflatoxigenic and Non-Aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus Isolated from Sweet Corn Kernels and Soil in Malaysia. Khan, Rahim; Ghazali, Farinazleen Mohamad; Mahyudin, Nor Ainy; Samsudin, Nik Iskandar Putra Oct 1, 2020 5949
Estimation of Total Nitrogen Content in Forage Maize (Zea mays L.) Using Spectral Indices: Analysis by Random Forest. Lopez-Calderon, Magali J.; Estrada-Avalos, Juan; Rodriguez-Moreno, Victor M.; Mauricio-Ruvalcaba, Jo Oct 1, 2020 8108
Landscape Features Associated with Damage to Maize (Zea mays) Fields in Central Mexico: A Comparison of Wind and Wildlife Damage. Flores-Armillas, Victor Hugo; Lopez-Medellin, Xavier; Barrios, Raul Garcia; MacGregor-Fors, Ian; Val Oct 1, 2020 9387
Contrasting Response Mechanisms of Maize Lines to Striga hermonthica. Unachukwu, Nnanna N.; Menkir, Abebe; Stanley, Adekemi; Farombi, Ebenezer O.; Gedil, Melaku Oct 1, 2020 7041
Simulated Corn Earworm, Helicoverpa zea, Injury in an Indeterminate Soybean Cultivar at Various Growth Stages under Non-Irrigated Conditions in the Southern United States ([dagger]). Coelho, Mariane; Cook, Donald R.; Catchot, Angus L.; Gore, Jeff; Lourencao, Andre L.; Baldin, Edson Oct 1, 2020 5581
Genetic Diversity and Inter-Trait Relationships among Maize Inbreds Containing Genes from Zea diploperennis and Hybrid Performance under Contrasting Environments. Akaogu, Ijeoma Chinyere; Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Gracen, Vernon; Tongoona, Pangirayi; Gedil, Melaku; U Oct 1, 2020 14971
In-Soil Application of NP Mineral Fertilizer as a Method of Improving Nitrogen Yielding Efficiency. Szulc, Piotr; Barlog, Przemyslaw; Ambrozy-Deregowska, Katarzyna; Mejza, Iwona; Kobus-Cisowska, Joann Oct 1, 2020 7855
Mutualistic Fungal Endophyte Colletotrichum tofieldiae Ct0861 Colonizes and Increases Growth and Yield of Maize and Tomato Plants. Gonzalez, Sandra Diaz; Marin, Patricia; Sanchez, Roberto; Arribas, Cristina; Kruse, John; Gonzalez-M Oct 1, 2020 11238
Impact of Maize-Mushroom Intercropping on the Soil Bacterial Community Composition in Northeast China. Yang, Xiaoqin; Wang, Yang; Sun, Luying; Qi, Xiaoning; Song, Fengbin; Zhu, Xiancan Oct 1, 2020 7072
Variable Rate Nitrogen and Water Management for Irrigated Maize in the Western US. Dahal, Ubash; Phillippi, Evan; Longchamps, Louis; Khosla, Raj; Andales, Allan Oct 1, 2020 9991
Effects of Foliar Application of Urea and Urea-Formaldehyde/Triazone on Soybean and Corn Crops. Cassim, Bruno Maia Abdo Rahmen; Machado, Antonio Pedro Martins; Fortune, Daniel; Moreira, Fernando R Oct 1, 2020 7281
Relationship between Stalk and Cob Mechanical Strength during the Late Growth Stage of Maize (Zea mays L.). Xue, Jun; Wang, Qun; Li, Hongyan; Fan, Yinghu; Li, Lulu; Xie, Ruizhi; Wang, Keru; Ming, Bo; Hou, Pen Oct 1, 2020 5986
Phytoextraction with Maize of Soil Contaminated with Copper after Application of Mineral and Organic Amendments. Wyszkowski, Miroslaw; Brodowska, Marzena S. Oct 1, 2020 8928
Optimized Nitrogen Application Increases Soil Water Extraction by Changing in-Season Maize Root Morphology and Distribution in Rainfed Farmland. Tang, Liang; Sun, Haoran; Sun, Ruxiao; Niu, Yinan; Song, Jingrong; Li, Shiqing; Shen, Yufang Oct 1, 2020 7507
The Role of Farmers to Improve Quality in the Corn Supply Chain as Animal Feed in South Sulawesi Province. Rasyid, Ilham; Hasan, Syamsuddin; Salman, Darmawan; Hastang Report Oct 1, 2020 4176
Effects of a Grain Source (Corn Versus Barley) and Starter Protein Content on Performance, Ruminal Fermentation, and Blood Metabolites in Holstein Dairy Calves. Kazemi-Bonchenari, Mehdi; Mirzaei, Mehdi; Yazdi, Mehdi Hossein; Moradi, Mohammad Hossein; Khodaei-Mo Oct 1, 2020 8328
Effects of Ensiling Oxytropis glabra with Whole-Plant Corn at Different Proportions on Fermentation Quality, Alkaloid Swainsonine Content, and Lactic Acid Bacteria Populations. Tao, Ya; Niu, Dongze; Li, Feng; Zuo, Sasa; Sun, Qizhong; Xu, Chuncheng Oct 1, 2020 7835
Effects of Dietary Substitution of Alfalfa Silage with Virginia Fanpetals Silage in Lactating Polish Holstein Friesian Dairy Cows. Purwin, Cezary; Nogalski, Zenon; Starczewski, Maciej; Czurgiel, Sylwia; Fijalkowska, Maja; Momot, Ma Oct 1, 2020 10112
Silage Fermentation, Bacterial Community, and Aerobic Stability of Total Mixed Ration Containing Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Corn Stover Prepared with Different Additives. Zhang, Guangning; Fang, Xinpeng; Feng, Guanzhi; Li, Yang; Zhang, Yonggen Oct 1, 2020 9672
Effects of Optimal Carbohydrase Mixtures on Nutrient Digestibility and Digestible Energy of Cornand Wheat-Based Diets in Growing Pigs. Zhang, Shunfen; Zhong, Ruqing; Gao, Lixiang; Liu, Zhengqun; Chen, Liang; Zhang, Hongfu Oct 1, 2020 8933
A Novel Corn-Expressed Phytase Improves Daily Weight Gain, Protein Efficiency Ratio and Nutrients Digestibility and Alters Fecal Microbiota in Pigs Fed with Very Low Protein Diets. Shili, Cedrick N.; Broomhead, Jonathan N.; Spring, Shelby C.; Lanahan, Mike B.; Pezeshki, Adel Oct 1, 2020 14097
Corn factory in Mae Rim causing a stink. Sep 30, 2020 211
Big PH feed millers ramps up local corn buying. Sep 30, 2020 377
First cordillera corn derby underscores strengthened farm clusters in Ifugao. Sep 30, 2020 582
End all imports of duty-free maize. Sep 30, 2020 245
Murkomen calls for higher pay for maize deliveries. Sep 30, 2020 450
Feed millers buy 133,500 metric tons of corn from local farmers. Sep 29, 2020 365
DA distributes white corn seeds as prelude for farm consolidation and clustering in Isabela. Sep 29, 2020 375
This farm in Bukidnon offers a healthier alternative to rice and corn. Sep 29, 2020 1531
Tharaka Nithi, Embu, Meru maize farmers get free fertiliser. Sep 26, 2020 425
DA showcases highly-productive corn varieties in Cordillera. Sep 24, 2020 611
Two Farmers Bag One-Year Imprisonment Each For Stealing 16 Bags Of Maize. Sep 22, 2020 282
Corn Cob Jelly: Waste Not, Want Not. Heikenfeld, Rita Recipe Sep 22, 2020 692
Prices of palay, corn on a downward trend. Sep 22, 2020 646
Turkey seeks maize seeds market access. Sep 18, 2020 272
I cannot say starting senior school has []; YOUR COMMUNITY CORNER CORN; Let's do this together. Edited by SIOBHAN McNALLY Sep 17, 2020 1019
I cannot say starting senior school has []; Let's do this together; YOUR COMMUNITY CORNER CORN. Edited by SIOBHAN McNALLY Sep 17, 2020 1019
Feed millers agree to buy more corn from local farmers. Sep 17, 2020 464
KSG Agro To Harvest Sunflower From 8,000 Hectares And Corn From 1,800 Hectares. Sep 16, 2020 227
Corn prices fall to all-time low. Sep 16, 2020 408
PhilMaize and Pafmi push for better data filing system on supply, demand for corn. Sep 15, 2020 655
DA eyeing exports of corn to halt farm-gate price slide. Sep 15, 2020 953
Maize Farmers Plan Dry Season Production To Address Deficit. Sep 15, 2020 698
Lagos Farmers Seek Government's Support On Local Maize Production. Sep 15, 2020 383
Maize farmers to support FG's food security drive. Sep 14, 2020 532
Kaduna Again! 17 Villagers Kidnapped In Maize Farm. Sep 13, 2020 308
Gunmen Kidnap 17 Family Members While Clearing Maize Farm In Kaduna. Sep 13, 2020 333
Maize Farmers Plan Dry Season Production To Address Deficit. Sep 13, 2020 704
I Hawked Boiled Corn In Ogbomoso As A Primary School Boy - Olateru, CEO AIB. Sep 12, 2020 2050
The fall harvest begins Farmers feel optimistic about corn, soybean yields. Travis DeNeal Sep 11, 2020 377
The fall harvest begins Farmers feel optimistic about corn, soybean yields Fall: Consistent rain good for crops. Travis DeNeal Sep 11, 2020 377
Fall harvest begins Farmers optimistic about corn, soybean yields Harvest. Travis DeNeal Sep 11, 2020 377
I've started training for my hiking[]; YOUR COMMUNITY CORNER CORN; Let's do this together. Edited by SIOBHAN McNALLY Sep 10, 2020 2108
CBN okays 4 firms to import 262,000 tons of maize. Sep 8, 2020 382
your community corner CORN Let's do this together. Edited by siobhan mcnally SiobhanMcNALLY Sep 8, 2020 1208
Field Trials Show Tela Maize Resists Pests, Yields More. Sep 8, 2020 775
Maize importation: Young farmers warn CBN against back door importation. Sep 8, 2020 357
Maize Scarcity: Local Silo Concessionaire Seeks Quota For Import. Sep 7, 2020 1386
UCAB Lowers Corn Harvest Forecast From 35.1 Million Tons To 32 Million Tons In 2020 Due To Unfavorable Weather Conditions. Sep 7, 2020 389
Over 1,200 Kwale farmers to benefit from maize shellers. Sep 6, 2020 359
your community corner CORN Let's do this together. Edited by siobhan mcnally SiobhanMcNALLY Sep 4, 2020 1016
FG Approves Emergency Maize Importation To Avert Food Crisis. Sep 4, 2020 614
Tela maize records promising result in Nigeria's trial. Sep 4, 2020 380
Re-sowing of corn helps double income of Azerbaijani farmers. Sep 3, 2020 433
Zubiri asks DA to suspend feed wheat importation to help local corn farmers. Sep 3, 2020 279
Maize harvest to rise by 15% despite effects of Covid-19. Sep 3, 2020 472
Allow Us Partial Importation Of Maize Till December, PAN Begs FG. Sep 3, 2020 176
Let's do this together MY BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD; YOUR COMMUNITY CORNER CORN Edited by siobhan mcnally SiobhanMcNALLY. Siobhan McNALLY Sep 1, 2020 1094
Feed wheat imports dragging corn prices to the detriment of farmers. Sep 1, 2020 617
Multiple infestations induce direct defense of maize to Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae). Franzin, Mayara Loss; Botti, Jessica Mayara Coffler; Fadini, Marcos Antonio Matiello; Melo, Julio On Sep 1, 2020 4219
Trichogramma yousuf sp. nov. employed for the management of Spodoptera exigua and Spodoptera litura in Indonesia. Khan, Salman; Duran, Alvaro; Ikram, Mohsin; Br Sinulingga, Nike Grace Hanjelina; Tavares, Wagner de Report Sep 1, 2020 4428
The Woman Who Drove Old Dixie Down: Eileen Filler-Corn, Virginia's first female--and first Jewish--Speaker of the House of Delegates, is playing a key role in dismantling the state's Confederate legacy, statue by statute. Freedman, Dan Sep 1, 2020 3120
The Response of Maize Lines to Foliar Fertilizing. Brankov, Milan; Simic, Milena; Dolijanovic, Zeljko; Rajkovic, Milos; Mandic, Violeta; Dragicevic, Ve Sep 1, 2020 6600
Comparative Study on Leaf Gas Exchange, Growth, Grain Yield, and Water Use Efficiency under Irrigation Regimes for Two Maize Hybrids. Ahmad, Muhammad Irfan; Shah, Adnan Noor; Sun, Jianqiang; Song, Youhong Report Sep 1, 2020 8375
Residue and Potassium Management Strategies to Improve Crop Productivity, Potassium Mobilization, and Assimilation under Zero-Till Maize-Wheat Cropping System. Madar, Raghavendra; Singh, Yudh Vir; Meena, Mahesh Chand; Das, Tapas Kumar; Paramesh, Venkatesh; Al- Sep 1, 2020 14465
Assessment of the Effect of the Mineral Fertilization System on the Nutritional Status of Maize Plants and Grain Yield Prediction. Gaj, Renata; Szulc, Piotr; Siatkowski, Idzi; Waligora, Hubert Report Sep 1, 2020 8612
Change in Maize Final Leaf Numbers and Its Effects on Biomass and Grain Yield across China. Liu, Wanmao; Ming, Bo; Xie, Ruizhi; Liu, Guangzhou; Wang, Keru; Yang, Yunshan; Guo, Xiaoxia; Hou, Pe Sep 1, 2020 7901
Short-Term Impact of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Strength and Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in the South African Semiarid Areas. Nebo, Godwin Iloabuchi; Manyevere, Alen; Araya, Tesfay; van Tol, Johan Sep 1, 2020 6424
Monitoring and Modelling Analysis of Maize (Zea mays L.) Yield Gap in Smallholder Farming in Ghana. Danquah, Eric Owusu; Beletse, Yacob; Stirzaker, Richard; Smith, Christopher; Yeboah, Stephen; Oteng- Sep 1, 2020 8831
Economic Optimal Nitrogen Rate Variability of Maize in Response to Soil and Weather Conditions: Implications for Site-Specific Nitrogen Management. Wang, Xinbing; Miao, Yuxin; Dong, Rui; Chen, Zhichao; Kusnierek, Krzysztof; Mi, Guohua; Mulla, David Sep 1, 2020 9301
Biochar Application in Combination with Inorganic Nitrogen Improves Maize Grain Yield, Nitrogen Uptake, and Use Efficiency in Temperate Soils. Omara, Peter; Aula, Lawrence; Oyebiyi, Fikayo B.; Eickhoff, Elizabeth M.; Carpenter, Jonathan; Raun, Sep 1, 2020 8373
Evaluation of Cultivar Identification Performance Using Feature Expressions and Classification Algorithms on Optical Images of Sweet Corn Seeds. Tang, Yu; Cheng, Zhishang; Miao, Aimin; Zhuang, Jiajun; Hou, Chaojun; He, Yong; Chu, Xuan; Luo, Shao Sep 1, 2020 9257
Effectiveness of Yellow Maize Testers with Varying Resistance Reactions to Striga hermonthica for Evaluating the Combining Ability of Maize Inbred Lines. Zebire, Degife; Menkir, Abebe; Adetimirin, Victor; Mengesha, Wende; Meseka, Silvestro; Gedil, Melaku Sep 1, 2020 23463
Antioxidant Purple Corn Protein Concentrate from Germinated Andean Purple Corn Seeds. Vilcacundo, Edgar; Garcia, Anton; Vilcacundo, Mario; Moran, Roberto; Samaniego, Ivan; Carrillo, Wilm Sep 1, 2020 10948
Resistance of Maize Hybrids to Fusarium graminearum, F. culmorum, and F. verticillioides Ear Rots with Toothpick and Silk Channel Inoculation, as Well as Their Toxin Production. Mesterhazy, Akos; Toth, Eva Toldine; Szel, Sandor; Varga, Monika; Toth, Beata Sep 1, 2020 16566
The Phytotoxicity of Microencapsulated Peppermint Oil on Maize (Zea mays L.) Depending on the Type of Growth Substrate and Maize Cultivar. Synowiec, Agnieszka; Bocianowski, Jan; Krajewska, Agnieszka Sep 1, 2020 7718
Long-Term Effect of Manure and Mineral Fertilizer Application Rate on Maize Yield and Accumulated Nutrients Use Efficiencies in North China Plain. Fan, Fan; Zhang, Hongyan; Alandia, Gabriela; Luo, Laichao; Cui, Zhenling; Niu, Xinsheng; Liu, Ruili; Sep 1, 2020 7821
Rapid Acquisition, Management, and Analysis of Spatial Maize (Zea mays L.) Phenological Data--Towards 'Big Data' for Agronomy Transformation in Africa. Tonnang, Henri E.Z.; Balemi, Tesfaye; Masuki, Kenneth F.; Mohammed, Ibrahim; Adewopo, Julius; Adnan, Sep 1, 2020 6412
Nitrogen Fertilizer Equivalence of Black Soldier Fly Frass Fertilizer and Synchrony of Nitrogen Mineralization for Maize Production. Beesigamukama, Dennis; Mochoge, Benson; Korir, Nicholas; Musyoka, Martha W.; Fiaboe, Komi K.M.; Naki Sep 1, 2020 9570
Possibilities of Using White Sweetclover Grown in Mixture with Maize for Biomethane Production. Kintl, Antonin; Elbl, Jakub; Vitez, Tomas; Brtnicky, Martin; Skladanka, Jiri; Hammerschmiedt, Tereza Report Sep 1, 2020 13039
The Impact of Nitrogen Fertilization and the Use of Biostimulants on the Yield of Two Maize Varieties (Zea mays L.) Cultivated for Grain. Kapela, Krzysztof; Sikorska, Anna; Nieweglowski, Marek; Krasnodebska, Ewa; Zarzecka, Krystyna; Gugal Sep 1, 2020 5000
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Regression Equations of Energy Values of Corn, Soybean Meal, and Wheat Bran Developed by Chemical Composition for Growing Pigs. Yang, Pan; Ni, Jian Jun; Zhao, Jin Biao; Zhang, Gang; Huang, Cheng Fei Report Sep 1, 2020 10494
Feeding Fungal-Pretreated Corn Straw Improves Health and Meat Quality of Lambs Infected with Gastrointestinal Nematodes. Xiang, Hai; Zhao, Xueli; Fang, Yi; Wang, Fei; Liang, Rong; Sun, Xuezhao; Wang, Shuiping; Zhong, Rong Report Sep 1, 2020 8024
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Influence of Spiral Nematodes (Scutellonema spp.) on Maize Performance and Growth under Natural Field Infestation in Mwea, Kenya. Maina, Samuel; Ngendo, Rossa Nyoike Aug 31, 2020 5189
Differential Gene Expression Responding to Low Phosphate Stress in Leaves and Roots of Maize by cDNA-SRAP. Yan, Lei; Su, Liang; Li, Rui Li Hao; Bai, Jianrong; Sun, Fengjie Report Aug 31, 2020 9304
your community corner CORN Let's do this together. Edited by siobhan mcnally SiobhanMcNALLY Aug 31, 2020 1000
Corn Exchange Wahaca will not be reopening. DAISY JACKSON Aug 30, 2020 495
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Fall Armyworm hits corn crop. Aug 29, 2020 535
Feed millers worried about rising corn prices. Aug 29, 2020 399 FRIDAY 28.08.2020 DAILY MIRROR 39 DMUULS 8.08.2020 YOUR COMMUNITY CORNER Edited by SIOBHAN MCNALLY CORN SIOBHAN MCNALLY Let's do this together. Edited by SIOBHAN MCNALLY Aug 28, 2020 1055
Edinburgh Corn Exchange: Take a virtual tour inside Scotland's 'first' socially distanced events venue; Family-owned venue has made changes to adhere to social distancing regulations, and now plans to get business events back up and running. Gary Flockhart Aug 28, 2020 524
Kaduna maize farmers decry delay in supply of fertiliser, other farm inputs. Aug 27, 2020 421
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USA deal will end maize protection. Aug 27, 2020 262
Origin Agritech announces commercialization agreement for new corn gene. Aug 26, 2020 181
Get lost in maize maze inspired by Disney fun. Aug 26, 2020 169
Origin Agritech signs commercialization agreement with IPP for new generation insect-resistant GMO corn gene. Aug 26, 2020 229
Manor Farm launches first ever maize maze! BECKY JONES Aug 26, 2020 331
Agrotrade Exports 300,000 Tons Of Cereals In 20192020 And To Start Delivering Organic Sunflower And Corn To USA And Canada In 20202021. Aug 25, 2020 262
CBN's maize import ban: Sentiments, facts, way forward. Aug 24, 2020 709
Chinese technology yields promising results of maize and soybean production. Aug 24, 2020 343
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Egypt agrees with Sudan to cultivate its lands with sunflowers, soybeans, corn. Egypt Today staff Aug 19, 2020 339
Ensuring a swell crop of runner beans and keeping an eye on sweet corn and carrot harvests; View from the Vegetable Patch. Aug 16, 2020 394
Yellow maize: Answer to animal feeds cost? Aug 13, 2020 259
Derecho devastates Iowa corn crop Corn: A third of harvest believed affected. Matthew Cappucci The Washington Post Aug 13, 2020 759
Nigeria facing gross shortage of maize, poultry farmers tell Buhari. Aug 11, 2020 919
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Agriculture CS Munya dampens maize millers' hopes. Aug 10, 2020 411
How CBN Forex Ban Policy Can Help Boost Maize Production. Aug 5, 2020 1582
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Corn and chorizo tacos pop with summer flavor Tacos: Squeeze of lime is all you really need. Ali Slagle Special to The Washington Post Aug 5, 2020 570
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Agro expert wants ban on maize importation beyond economic benefits. Interview Aug 3, 2020 591
Kingdom rules in Corn Cuchulainn. Jonathan Kay Aug 3, 2020 378
Easy ways to plant maize for maximum harvest. Aug 1, 2020 1034
Community of natural lactic acid bacteria and silage fermentation of corn stover and sugarcane tops in Africa. Cai, Yimin; Du, Zhumei; Yamasaki, Seishi; Nguluve, Damiao; Tinga, Benedito; Macome, Felicidade; Oya, Aug 1, 2020 9406
A lower cost method of preparing corn stover for Irpex lacteus treatment by ensiling with lactic acid bacteria. Zuo, Sasa; Jiang, Di; Niu, Dongze; Zheng, Mingli; Tao, Ya; Xu, Chuncheng Aug 1, 2020 8080
Changes in soil humus composition and humic acid structural characteristics under different corn straw returning modes. Ndzelu, Batande Sinovuyo; Dou, Sen; Zhang, XiaoWei Report Aug 1, 2020 7776
Soil structure characteristics, functional properties and consistency limits response to corn cob biochar particle size and application rates in a 36-month pot experiment. Obour, Peter Bilson; Danso, Eric Oppong; Pouladi, Nastaran; Abenney-Mickson, Stephen; Sab, Edward Be Aug 1, 2020 9366
Effects of Diets Containing Finger Millet Straw and Corn Straw on Growth Performance, Plasma Metabolites, Immune Capacity, and Carcass Traits in Fattening Lambs. Chen, Xiaoyong; Mi, Hao; Cui, Kai; Zhou, Rongyan; Tian, Shujun; Zhang, Leying Aug 1, 2020 6693
Effects of Replacing Extruded Maize by Dried Citrus Pulp in a Mixed Diet on Ruminal Fermentation, Methane Production, and Microbial Populations in Rusitec Fermenters. Garcia-Rodriguez, Jairo; Saro, Cristina; Mateos, Ivan; Gonzalez, Jesus S.; Carro, Maria Dolores; Ran Aug 1, 2020 7767
Effect of Replacing Dietary Corn with Broken Rice on Goose Growth Performance, Body Size and Bare Skin Color. Chen, Xiaoshuai; Yang, Haiming; Xu, Lei; Wan, Xiaoli; Wang, Zhiyue Aug 1, 2020 5694
Estimation of between-Cow Variability in Nutrient Digestion of Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Corn-Based Diets. Tharangani, Himali; Lu, Changwen; Zhao, Liansheng; Ma, Lu; Guo, Xusheng; Weiss, William P.; Bu, Deng Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 9472
Effects of Mass Selection on Husk and Cob Color in Five Purple Field Corn Populations Segregating for Purple Husks. Khamphasan, Ponsawan; Lomthaisong, Khomsorn; Harakotr, Bhornchai; Paul Scott, Marvin; Lertrat, Kamol Aug 1, 2020 16806
Effect of Inoculation with Preactivated Lactobacillus Buchneri and Urea on Fermentative Profile, Aerobic Stability and Nutritive Value in Corn Silage. Santos, Ana Paula Maia dos; Santos, Edson Mauro; Araujo, Gherman Garcia Leal de; Oliveira, Juliana S Aug 1, 2020 9868
The Influence of the Application Technique and Amount of Liquid Starter Fertilizer on Corn Yield. Drazic, Milan; Gligorevic, Kosta; Pajic, Milos; Zlatanovic, Ivan; Spalevic, Velibor; Sestras, Paul; Aug 1, 2020 6734
Nitrogen Split Application Can Improve the Stalk Lodging Resistance of Maize Planted at High Density. Wang, Qun; Xue, Jun; Zhang, Guoqiang; Chen, Jianglu; Xie, Ruizhi; Ming, Bo; Hou, Peng; Wang, Keru; L Aug 1, 2020 7307
Combining Ability of Extra-Early Maize Inbreds Derived from a Cross between Maize and Zea diploperennis and Hybrid Performance under Contrasting Environments. Amegbor, Isaac K.; Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Adu, Gloria B.; Adjebeng-Danquah, Joseph; Toyinbo, Johnson Aug 1, 2020 17751
Integrated Soil--Crop System Management with Organic Fertilizer Achieves Sustainable High Maize Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Northeast China Based on an 11-Year Field Study. Wang, Yin; Cao, Yaqi; Feng, Guozhong; Li, Xiaoyu; Zhu, Lin; Liu, Shuoran; Coulter, Jeffrey A.; Gao, Aug 1, 2020 7793
Effect of Wheat Cover Crop and Split Nitrogen Application on Corn Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Adeyemi, Oladapo; Keshavarz-Afshar, Reza; Jahanzad, Emad; Battaglia, Martin Leonardo; Luo, Yuan; Sad Aug 1, 2020 6057
C[O.sub.2] Emissions from Soil Under Fodder Maize Cultivation. Sosulski, Tomasz; Szymanska, Magdalena; Szara, Ewa Aug 1, 2020 7623
Sensitivity Assessment of Varieties, Effectiveness of Weed Control by Selected Herbicides, and Infection of the Fusariutn in Maize (Zea mays L.) Cultivation. Jagla, Malgorzata; Lukasz, Sobiech; Szulc, Piotr; Nowosad, Kamila; Bocianowski, Jan; Grzanka, Monika Aug 1, 2020 5502
Substitution of Mineral Fertilizer with Organic Fertilizer in Maize Systems: A Meta-Analysis of Reduced Nitrogen and Carbon Emissions. Wei, Zhibiao; Ying, Hao; Guo, Xiaowei; Zhuang, Minghao; Cui, Zhenling; Zhang, Fusuo Aug 1, 2020 6855
Identification of QTLs Controlling Resistance/Tolerance to Striga hermonthica in an Extra-Early Maturing Yellow Maize Population. Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Adewale, Samuel; Paterne, Agre; Gedil, Melaku; Asiedu, Robert Aug 1, 2020 9815
Effects of Multiple Planting Densities on Lignin Metabolism and Lodging Resistance of the Strip Intercropped Soybean Stem. Cheng, Bin; Raza, Ali; Wang, Li; Xu, Mei; Lu, Junji; Gao, Yang; Qin, Sisi; Zhang, Yi; Ahmad, Irshan; Aug 1, 2020 10567
Gains in Genetic Enhancement of Early Maturing Maize Hybrids Developed during Three Breeding Periods under Striga-Infested and Striga-Free Environments. Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Adu, Gloria B.; Yacoubou, Abdoul-Madjidou; Toyinbo, Johnson; Adewale, Samuel Aug 1, 2020 9483
How Film Mulch Increases the Corn Yield by Improving the Soil Moisture and Temperature in the Early Growing Period in a Cool, Semi-Arid Area. Kong, Meng; Jia, Yu; Gu, Yan-Jie; Han, Cheng-Long; Song, Xin; Shi, Xiao-Yan; Siddique, Kadambot H.M. Aug 1, 2020 7291
Efficiencies of Heterotic Grouping Methods for Classifying Early Maturing Maize Inbred Lines. Oyetunde, Oyeboade Adebiyi; Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Ariyo, Omolayo Johnson; Alake, Christopher Olusany Aug 1, 2020 15855
Plant Yield Efficiency by Homeostasis as Selection Tool at Ultra-Low Density. A Comparative Study with Common Stability Measures in Maize. Sinapidou, Evaggelia; Pankou, Chrysanthi; Gekas, Fotakis; Sistanis, Iosif; Tzantarmas, Constantinos; Aug 1, 2020 10430

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