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Corn syrup additives.

U.S. Patent 9,163,142 (October 20, 2015), "Multifunctional Biocomposite Additive Compositions and Methods," Michael J. Riebel and Jeffrey L. Tate (GS Cleantech Corp., Alpharetta, Georgia, USA).

Recycled mixed plastics from domestic and commercial wastes are generally incompatible. Available compatibilizers are usually toxic and expensive chemicals. Hence, there's a need for compatibility and melt agents that are inexpensive as well as non-toxic. Foaming also requires expensive equipment and/or materials.

Riebel and Tate developed biocomposite compositions using dried distiller's solubles (DDS), which includes condensed distillers solubles (CDS) or corn syrup from alcohol processing and other additives. This DDS consists of 30 to 90 wt% CDS, 5 to 20 wt% metal oxide and 5 to 50 wt% fibers.

The DDS biocomposite additive can be also used as a foaming agent; as an agent to lower the melting and glass-transition temperatures of a thermoplastic, thermoset, or adhesive material; and as a compatibilizing agent for mixtures of thermoplastics, thermosets, and adhesives.

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