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Coria knows healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Coria Laboratories Ltd. specializes in providing both prescription and nonprescription products to dermatologists and chain drug stores to help treat a variety of skin disorders.

Coria products specifically aid in treating acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, dry skin and hyperkerototic skin conditions.

At the heart of the company's nonprescription lineup is CeraVe, a line of hydrating and moisturizing products that use a patented technology to provide superior results.

Introduced in August 2005, the CeraVe line includes a hydrating cleanser, a moisturizing lotion and a moisturizing cream. Coria says the products are designed to complement a dermatologist's treatment regimen to restore skin barrier health.

All of the formulas in the CeraVe line incorporate a unique combination of three ceramides, hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing and restorative ingredients in Coria's patented Multi-Vesicular Emulsion (MVE) delivery system to repair and maintain the normal protective barrier of the skin.

MVE creates a controlled release of hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, fatty acid esters, dimethicone and water to help restore to the skin's compromised barrier the essential ingredients it needs to effect repair. Pliability is restored, and skin begins to function in a healthier manner.

In a recent study the addition of CeraVe hydrating cleanser and moisturizing cream to a treatment regimen for atopic dermatitis enabled the patient to see improvement in one week, compared with improvement in four weeks using a prescription treatment alone.

"CeraVe represents an unusual breakthrough in skin care technology," director of marketing Trey Schutz says. "This is the first time that cleansers and moisturizers have been formulated in a patented two-stage system with the ability to deliver multiple layers of active ingredients in an efficient and controlled-release fashion.

"It means that skin stays better hydrated for longer periods of time, giving the skin's barrier time to repair itself," he explains. "The value of this type of barrier repair and maintenance is crucial to helping patients' skin recover."

Schutz notes that the disruption of the normal protective barrier layer of a person's skin is a key contributor to most skin conditions.

Repairing the skin barrier, he explains, is essential to treating skin conditions, maintaining skin health and slowing the overall aging of the skin.

Coria's MVE focuses on restoring the protection that skin produces naturally. Between 40% and 50% of a person's skin barrier is composed of ceramides, substances that are naturally produced by the body and contribute to skin health. Substantial clinical evidence indicates a marked reduction in the level of ceramides in damaged skin.

And that is where Coria's MVE technology comes in.


The CeraVe formulations' ability to release their ingredients gradually helps stimulate skin hydration and lubrication.

Besides their proven restorative powers, all of the CeraVe products are light, nongreasy, fragrance-free, propylene glycol-free and noncomedogenic.

The ability of the line's moisturizing lotion and moisturizing cream to go on without drag makes them ideal for application to compromised skin, Schutz says.

"Dermatologists benefit from having cleansers and moisturizers that they can recommend to satisfy the needs of patients with sensitive skin, or the needs of patients who are using medications that may irritate the skin, such as treatments for ache or rosacea," notes a statement on the company's web site.

"Patients benefit from having better-hydrated, healthier-looking skin."

Atralin is added to the arsenal of potent weapons in the fight against acne

Among the growing list of prescription items offered by Coria Laboratories is Atralin 0.05% tretinoin gel, a novel topical retinoid formulation for the treatment of acne.

Granted Food and Drug Administration approval last summer, the medication is the first tretinoin gel in a 0.05% strength for battling the condition.

Formulated in a water-based, alcohol-free vehicle, Atralin contains a patented combination of ingredients known to hydrate and moisturize the skin, reducing the potential for irritation and dryness in ache patients.

In clinical trials done prior to the FDA's approval, 674 subjects between the ages of 10 and 65 were treated with Atralin gel. There were no serious tretinoin-related adverse reactions by any patient in the treatment groups, with the most common adverse reactions being mild to moderate irritation of the skin during the first weeks of treatment.

Although the exact mode of action is unknown, evidence suggests that topical tretinoin decreases the cohesiveness of follicular epithelial cells with decreased microcomedoformation.

When Atralin gel was launched in late July, Coria president Stephen Clark said the new treatment had the potential to increase compliance with prescribed acne regimens and could give dermatologists an important new tool to help their patients.

In addition to Atralin, Coria's roster of prescription products includes Cloderm 0.1% clocortolone pivalate cream for the treatment of steroid responsive conditions and Salex 6% salicylic acid cream and lotion kits for the treatment of hyperkerototic conditions.


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