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Corey Glick.

Not a lot of Coreys make it in the pro-skating game. You can have your Lizard Kings, your Trainwrecks and your Muskas, but a Corey? Sounds like your squeamish lab partner, not a dude ready to kick El Toro in its 20-stair balls. But this is Corey Glick. That's right, Glick. There ain't never been a Glick in the game before. And anyone caught up on that first name need only see Big Glick in action--charging large terrain from his home in Chicago to his new digs in the LBC, with confidence beyond his 17 years. You don't know Glick? Glick is sick! Take notice.[??]

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Title Annotation:LUNATIC FRINGE
Date:Jun 1, 2015
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