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CoreCenter offers versatile approach to core production.

Versatility can be a tremendous asset for metalcasting facilities. The ability to juggle multiple tasks and handle multiple components can prove to be priceless. with the introduction of its Series LL CoreCenters, Laempe+Reich Corp., Trussville, Ala., is helping metalcasting facilities achieve that flexibility in the core room.

By taking multiple aspects of the core production system and bringing them together into one machine, the Series LL systems offer a versatile, integrated approach to core production. The LL10 and LL20 can accept existing coreboxes from many standard shell core blowers with only simple modifications required.

The Laempe LL10 is a completely integrated, stand alone core production system. It serves as a fully integrated coldbox core production system incorporating the Laempe LL CoreShooter, the gas generator and LVM Sand Mixer all under one control unit with touch screen HMI and data storage for more than 1,000 coreboxes. Tooling changes can be made in as little as 5 min. and rates of more than 150 cycles/hr can he achieved. The Laempe LL10 has a standard machine cycle time of as little as 13 sec. Shooting areas for the LL10 and LL20 are 15 x 15 in. and 20 x 20 in. respectively.

Like the smaller LL10, the LL20 features an integrated machine enclosure, gas generator, hydraulic unit and CoreControl system. This provides metalcasting facilities with a space-saving approach to in creasing their core capacity. The system also is outfitted with a core shooter featuring the sand mixer.

The LL Series CoreShooters are capable of operating tooling configurations front simple dump type boxes to multiple parted, horizontal and vertical coreboxes made of wood, urethane or metal. The CoreCenters offer both control and flexibility over the entire coremaking process--two characteristics valuable to job shops. The system has provided many job shops with a simple and cost effective solution for conversion from the shell process to most of the coldbox processes. MC

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CoreCenter offers versatile approach to core production.

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