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Strengthening Online Dispute Resolution Justice. Ebner, Noam; Greenberg, Elayne E. Oct 31, 2020 22166
Core competencies for BESTCO certified sex therapists. Winterton, Vicky; Dzendoletas, Darlene; Holzapfel, Stephen; Kleinplatz, Peggy J.; Lackey, Neil; Neeb Report Aug 1, 2020 5883
A Competency-based Typology of Technology Entrepreneurs: A Systematic Review of the Empirical Studies. Baradaran, Mohammad Sadegh; Farsi, Jahangir Yadollahi; Hejazi, Seyed Reza; Akbari, Morteza Report Mar 22, 2019 6884
Acting as local counsel: ethical issues and words to the wise. Peisch, Thomas E.; Higgins, Erin K. Nov 1, 2018 1927
To stay competitive, law firms maintain technological edge. Oct 4, 2018 1268
What Teacher Capacities do International School Recruiters Look For? Budrow, James; Tarc, Paul Report Sep 22, 2018 9262
Earnings May Help in Studying Reliability of (Self) Assessment. Shah, Ashfaque Ahmad; Syeda, Zunaira Fatima; Paul, Jean-Jacques Report Jun 30, 2018 4321
Developing an instrument for the validation of competencies: the case of medical librarians. Anwar, Mumtaz Ali; Ullah, Midrar Report Jul 1, 2017 7618
Subject Matter Knowledge Competence: An Empirical Evidence of Elementary School Teachers. Abid, Nisar; Hussain, Tariq; Mahmood, Tariq Ch.; Saeed, Amna; Shoaib, Almas Report Jun 30, 2017 1960
Subject Matter Knowledge Competence: An Empirical Evidence of Elementary School Teachers. Abid, Nisar; Hussain, Tariq; Chaudhry, Tariq Mahmood; Saeed, Amna; Shoaib, Almas Report Apr 30, 2017 1960
Characteristics of psychology students who serve as research assistants. Pawlow, Laura A.; Meinz, Elizabeth J. Report Mar 1, 2017 1042
A Classification Model for Managers by Competencies: A Case Study in the Construction Sector. Fama, Camila Campos Gomez; Alencar, Luciana Hazin Report Jan 1, 2017 11271
Competence Models as a Tool for Conceptualizing the Systematic Process of Entrepreneurship Competence Development. Lillevali, Uku; Taks, Marge Report Jan 1, 2017 12256
School Principals as Effective Change Agents: A Study of Essential Skills and Attributes. Hussain, Muhammad Athar; Haider, Syed Zubair; Ahmed, Imtiaz; Ali, Shoukat Report Dec 31, 2016 4990
Graduate skills requirements for effective performance in the banking sector. Cicekli, Elif Report Dec 1, 2016 5441
Mental health practitioners' knowledge of colleagues' problems of professional competency. Olson, Seth; Brown-Rice, Kathleen; Keller, Natasha Report Oct 1, 2016 8198
Teacher's Qualities, Responsibilities and Role. Azram, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2016 3536
Accounting in the international age: future-focused and more relevant than ever. Rainey, Valerie Jun 1, 2016 565
Protecting the core, progressing the profession. Olbricht, Joel Jun 1, 2016 568
A few more competencies to go: pre-reg optometrist Karan Vyas advises the best way to secure the last few competencies during visit 4. Vyas, Karan Column Apr 1, 2016 805
A competency model for general health managers: (Case: Iran Medical of Health and Education). Mahbanooei, Bahareh; Gholipour, Aryan; Ardakan, Mohammad Abooyee Case study Mar 22, 2016 6831
Accounting employers' expectations - The ideal accounting graduates. Low, Mary; Botes, Vida; Rue, David Dela; Allen, Jackie Report Jan 1, 2016 10737
Qualificacao Profissional ou Competencias para o Mercado Futuro?/Professional training or competencies for the future? Assuncao, Yluska Bambirra; Goulart, Iris Barbosa Report Jan 1, 2016 11657
Rendering intercultural dimension of the future teacher competence profile: new proposals and training models. Mogonea, Florentina Essay Dec 1, 2015 5511
The organizational change process: its influence on competences learned on the job. Neiva, Elaine Rabelo; Odelius, Catarina Cecilia; Ramos, Larissa Dutra Report Oct 1, 2015 9453
Aligning business and education: 21st century skill preparation. Campbell, Charles L.; Kresyman, Shelley Report Jul 1, 2015 4835
Core pedagogy: individual uncertainty, shared practice, formative ethos. Dotger, Benjamin H. Report May 1, 2015 10005
Comparing nursing competencies: a German nursing researcher compares the competencies for German and New Zealand registered nurses. Schmied, Marten Feb 1, 2015 882
Does the number of post-secondary agricultural mechanics courses completed affect teacher competence? Byrd, Alex Preston; Anderson, Ryan G.; Paulsen, Thomas H.; Shultz, Matthew J. Report Jan 1, 2015 5092
Analyzing Perceptions of Primary School Teachers about Their Professional Competencies, Expectations and Needs. Saeed, Muhammad; Hussain, Shafqat Report Jun 30, 2014 3857
Ability-based view in action: a software corporation study. Nobre, Farley Simon; Walker, David; Brown, Michael Report Apr 1, 2014 8633
Research on the core competitive power elements evaluation system of green hotel. Liang, Hui Report Oct 1, 2013 3316
Meeting corporate objectives by maximizing core competencies. Sep 1, 2013 550
How often does this happen? Sletten, Mary J. Jul 1, 2013 572
The emerging role of nurse coach. Dossey, Barbara M.; Hess, Darlene R. Apr 1, 2013 1397
Strategy tools and the Kyoto protocol's flexible development mechanisms. Nicelli, Patricia; Chandra, Ramdas Abstract Jan 1, 2013 5105
The birth of a discipline: bioentrepreneurship. Meyers, Arlen Report Oct 1, 2012 617
Research on instructional leadership competencies of school principals. Gulcan, Murat Gurkan Report Mar 22, 2012 4756
Learning to do it all: when it comes time to fill one of those precious hiring slots, news outlets are looking for journalists with a wide array of skills. Powers, Elia Mar 22, 2012 2780
Born or made? What makes an engineer a good leader? And can training make a difference? Hargreaves, Ben Apr 1, 2011 1245
Personal attributes and job competencies of the managers of telecommunications industries. Perez, Eutequio A., Jr.; Temporada, Mario E. Report Jan 1, 2011 6080
Effects of Demographic Factors and Teachers' Competencies on the Achievement of Secondary School Students in Punjab. Aziz, Muhammad Akram Report Dec 31, 2010 2398
Knowledge, skills and A E I O U and sometimes Y. Notar, Charles E.; Herring, Donna F. Report Dec 1, 2010 1245
LMA introduces its core competencies: part II. Apr 1, 2010 1403
LMA introduces its Core Competencies. Smith, Amy K.; McMullan, Thompson Mar 1, 2010 1931
Integrating CTE advocacy into discussions about core academics. DeWitt, Stephen Feb 1, 2010 673
Make or buy in a mature industry? Models of client-supplier relationships under TCT and RBV perspective. Ferreira, Manuel Portugal; Serra, Fernando A. Ribeiro Report Jan 1, 2010 9990
Using technology to increase collaboration between career tech and core subject teachers. Morgan, Chris; Parr, Brian Nov 1, 2009 2029
The ELA common core initiative: how cross-content competencies will impact your students. Hampton, Sally Nov 1, 2009 656
Stick with your core values in good times and bad. Graves, Earl G., Sr. Oct 1, 2009 635
New challenges for GCC family businesses: a report by international management company, Booz, indicates that while the traditional GCC family business has much to recommend it, new economic circumstances are certain to throw up new challenges. Youssef, Ahmed Aug 1, 2009 995
Competency identification of sales staff in the agricultural seed industry: evidence from seed firms in China. Aimin, Yan; Yulei, Rao; Cuimeng, Liao; Chao, Gao Report May 1, 2009 4515
Corporate Competencies for Executive Women in Alberta: Oh, the Places You'll Go! Cocchio, Kathy L. Report Apr 3, 2009 177
Organizational culture and the renewal of competences. Fleury, Maria Tereza Leme Report Jan 1, 2009 7403
Core competencies of nurse educators: inspiring excellence in nurse educator practice. Kalb, Kathleen A. Report Jul 1, 2008 2072
Pharma must adapt or die: Jonathan Angell, datamonitor infectious diseases senior analyst, offers a bleak assessment for pharmaceutical companies if they don't meet the challenges ahead in two of the largest drug sectors. Angell, Jonathan Mar 1, 2008 936
Foundational skills: the currency that purchases opportunity in tomorrow's workplace. Ferguson, Richard L. Sep 1, 2007 591
Defining Signal Regiment Core Competencies. Strong, Randolph P.; Fenton, Russell A. Jun 22, 2007 1578
Signal Core Competencies in support of GIG Enterprise Services. Fenton, Russell A. Jun 22, 2007 581
Education, education, education: The latest Arab World Competitiveness Report, published every two years, was unveiled last month in Qatar. Spanning 13 countries in the Arab World, the report attempts to assess each country's level of competitiveness enabling them to benchmark their performance against each other, and hopefully help policymakers identify areas of weakness. May 1, 2007 1683
Chapter 2 Meeting guest expectations through planning. Jan 1, 2000 22935

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