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Core basics.

Don't know how to recognize quality tools, or the right tool? Trust the good people at Brownells. If a tool is in the Brownells catalog it's been vetted by their staff. Otherwise it wouldn't be there. Not sure what tools are needed? Brownells has a "Live Chat" function on their web page, as well as a toll-free number, where you can get expert advice. I say Brownells because I've dealt with them for going on 50 years. Midway USA also offers gunsmithing tools and advice.

Have a workstation: A 24x30 workshop filled with tools would be nice. For now you need a workbench or table--preferably not the dining room table. You want good overhead light plus an adjustable work lamp. A padded work surface is important (an old clean towel is fine) and reduces the chance of marring or losing parts. A padded floor mat is good too. If you drop a tiny part it won't disappear into a shag rug or bounce off a wood floor into never-never-land.

Read books and watch videos: There's an incredible wealth of information out there. Brownells has a very good series of videos under the "Learn" section of their web site.

Don't break my heart like this: "I inherited my grandfather's Colt Python revolver he wore on-duty as a highway patroman. It had some blue wear around the muzzle, and four notches filed in the left grip panel. I've cut away the front of the triggerguard, replaced the grips with fake ivory and touched up the metal with cold blue." Guns with collector or sentimental value should be left alone. Think about it.

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Caption: Brownells offers dozens of screwdriver bits, along with handles of different sizes.

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Title Annotation:BETTER SHOOTING
Author:Anderson, Dave
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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