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Cord holds the pot sleeve together.

Cord holds the pot sleeve together The clean-lined palisade of 1-by-2s that forms this simple potted-plant sleeve is easily made in a home workshop; you'll need a saw and a drill with 3/16-inch bit.

Cords threaded through holes drilled near the ends of the 1-by-2s hold them together. Since the cords are tied on the inside with a bowknot, the sleeve can be untied so it can be stored flat.

The slight taper is produced by threading rubber faucet washers between the 1-by-2s on the upper cord.

Cutting the slats. Nursery pot sizes and shapes vary widely, so choose your pot first. Measure the top rim diameter and multiply that figure by two; that gives you roughly the number of 1-by-2s you'll need (a finished 1-by-2 measures 3/4 by 1-1/2 inches). For example, a 6-3/4-inch-diameter 1-gallon pot needs 14 1-by-2s, a 9-inch-diameter 3-gallon pot needs 18, a 10-1/2-inch-diameter 5-gallon pot needs 21.

Use any type of wood you like; we used redwood. To determine how many feet of 1-by-2 to buy, measure the pot height; and 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches, depending on how high you want the sleeve to extend above the pot rim; multiply the resulting figure by the number of slats needed, then divide by 12. The sleeve pictured, consisting of 18 10-inch-long slats, took just over 15 feet of 1-by-2.

Cut slats to length; sand. Paint, stain, or leave unfinished to weather naturally.

Drilling and adding the cord. Drill a 3/16-inch hole through all slats at aligned points 2 inches from each end. Thread clothesline, leater bootlaces, or nylon cords through the holes, adding a faucet washer between the slats at the top end only. (Where the cord is knotted, omit the washer.)

Roll the slats into a circle and loosely tie the cord ends. Slide in the pot to check for fit. If necessary, remove a slat, trim a slat, or add a washer or two to produce a snug fit when both cords are tied tightly.

For a nontapered pot, follow the same procedure, but omit the washers or add them between slats on both upper and lower cords.
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Date:Aug 1, 1986
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