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Corbyn 'dragging Labour backwards'.

Byline: Gavin Cordon and David Deans Reporters

LABOUR leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn was yesterday accused of plotting to take the party back to the failed policies of the 1970s after he suggested he could seek to restore its historic commitment to the public ownership of industry.

Leadership rivals Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall said the veteran left-winger was trying to "turn the clock back" after he hinted he could re-instate Clause IV, which enshrined "common ownership of the means of production" in the party's constitution. His campaign team later issued a "clarification" insisting he was not advocating a return to Clause IV - famously scrapped by Tony Blair 20 years ago in one of the defining moments of his leadership.

However, a spokesman confirmed that Mr Corbyn would seek to open a discussion about "public ownership objectives for the 21st century" - including the railways - if he won the race to succeed Ed Miliband.

The row, the latest twist in an increasingly fractious leadership fight, flared as Mr Corbyn prepared for two days of campaigning in Wales.

And it came after three Assembly Members offered their support to the unexpected bookies' favourite.

Mr Corbyn's words on public ownership, meanwhile, were seized on by Ms Cooper who said Labour did not need a return to "the days of British Leyland" - the nationalised car manufacturer which became a byword for shoddy products and industrial strife.

"Labour needs radical ideas for the future, not to turn the clock back.

"We've always been a progressive party that's embraced the future - this is not the time to be reactionary and cling to the past," she said.

Ms Kendall - the leadership challenger seen as being the closest to Mr Blair's policies - said Mr Corbyn represented a throwback to the failed ideas of left-wingers like the late Tony Benn.

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Title Annotation:News; Front Page
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 10, 2015
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