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Corb's EU lead; VOICE OF THE.

JEREMY Corbyn's embrace of a Europe customs union will protect British jobs and earnings, and could inflict a political defeat on Theresa May.

The Labour leader's winning of applause from businesses, trade unions, most Labour MPs and party members has set off alarm bells in the clueless Government.

Mr Corbyn is starting to map out where Brexit would leave Britain if Labour was doing the negotiating. This piles pressure on incompetent Mrs May.

Labour is yet to identify clearly its final destination but Mr Corbyn is on a journey.

Dazed Mrs May, pushed one way and another by rival Tory pro-Europeans and hardline no-dealers, is on a road to nowhere.

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Title Annotation:News; Opinion; Columns
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2018
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