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Copywriter reveals secrets of spectacularly successful promotional technique.

In a recently published article, Don Hauptman analyzes the use of content as a promotional hook--a strategy that has generated tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in new subscription revenues.

The article, "A Powerful Subscription Marketing Tool: Repurposing Editorial Content Into Promotional Copy," appears in the current issue of Subscription Marketing newsletter. It may be the first definitive account of this technique.

Hauptman explains why "editorially driven marketing" pulls so well for so many publishers, both consumer and b-to-b. He outlines the principles that make it work (some less than obvious) and cites numerous examples of its successful use in direct mail and on the Internet, including traditional envelope-letter packages, magalogs, sample issues, and e-mail campaigns. These case studies include results, and several are illustrated.

In the spirit of editorial recycling, here is an excerpt from the article:
 People are overwhelmed by advertising. To combat the clutter, they
 erect defenses and become resistant to promises and sales hype. But
 genuinely valuable information can penetrate those barriers. It seizes
 attention, arouses interest, and stimulates curiosity. It gets your
 foot in the door--and that's a giant first step toward the sale.
 [The use of editorial material in sales copy also] increases the
 perceived value of your promotion. You're offering not just promises,
 but truly helpful information--whether or not the prospect buys. Thus,
 the package or e-mail message is less likely to be regarded as junk
 mail or spam and suffer the fate of being unopened, discarded, or
 deleted. And in contrast to a premium--for which the prospect must
 wait--the gratification is instant.

The issue is available free, courtesy of Vince Dema, publisher of Subscription Marketing. Just send Vince a message with your name and postal address, and the word "Repurposing" in the subject line.

Dema, Subscription Marketing, 305 Madison Ave., Ste. 1166, New York, NY 10165, 212-679-1881,

Hauptman, Don Hauptman Inc., 61 West 62 St., New York, NY 10023, 212-246-8229,
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Title Annotation:Promotion
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Feb 28, 2005
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