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Copyright Clearance Center Partners with Atlas Systems to Deliver Copyright Permissions with New E-Reserve System.

DANVERS, Mass. -- Integration of CCC's Rights Licensing Systems within Atlas's Ares(TM) Application Simplifies Permissions Process for Librarians

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the world's largest provider of copyright licensing solutions, and Atlas Systems, Inc., a leading academic library applications developer, today announced the integration of CCC's copyright permissions capabilities within Ares, Atlas System's electronic-reserves library system. The new capability will be launched at this week's annual conference of the American Library Association (ALA) in New Orleans.

The integration adds significant new functionality to the year-old Ares product. It enables copyright tracking and management via a live gateway to CCC's rights licensing database without forcing users to leave the Ares application. This allows librarians to quickly search for, obtain and modify permissions when posting copyrighted materials on reserve. The integration also supports CCC's special-order process for instances when instant authorizations aren't available. From within Ares, users can ask CCC to research and contact the rightsholder directly and notify the user when the permission is given.

"As part of our Ares development process, we conducted extensive market research with academic librarians who told us that copyright permission capability should be a key feature of our new product," said Matt Calsada, lead developer on the Ares project. "Ares integration with CCC streamlines the copyright permissions process, enabling users to secure permission as they post documents on Ares. Our partnership with CCC allowed us to make the integration seamless."

Ares has quickly become recognized as one of the most function-rich e-reserve systems on the market. Ares was specifically designed to automate and simplify the electronic reserve operations in an academic library. Its web-based instructor interface allows faculty to manage reserve materials and courses from any web browser. The web-based student interface offers a variety of features to search, view, manage and review reserve items and classes. The staff-client replicates all the functionality of the web interface for instructors and students, but also allows reserve staff to search, scan and track all aspects of the reserve process.

"Our partnership with CCC is delivering strong benefits to our customers," said Jason Glover, President of Atlas Systems. "Reuse permissioning should be integral to e-reserve systems, and no one offers more robust copyright solutions than CCC. The copyright integration delivered within Ares is comprehensive, elegant and easy to use."

"The Atlas partnership is part of CCC's ongoing mission to integrate copyright permissions into all aspects of digital content acquisition and sharing," said Debra Mariniello, Director, Transactional Products and Services, CCC. "Atlas is our 10th product integration partner. This partnership removes the complexity in securing any appropriate copyright permissions for e-reserves."

The CCC-integrated version of Ares is available now. For further information, go to or Atlas Systems and CCC will demonstrate the CCC-Ares integration at the ALA conference in New Orleans, June 24-27.

About Atlas Systems

Atlas Systems was founded in July of 1995 as a software development company. After the launch of ILLiad in 1999, Atlas has been primarily focused on the development and support of the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System. Atlas continues to be the authorized service, training, and development arm of OCLC ILLiad.

Atlas Systems has also taken this experience in library automation software and expanded into electronic delivery systems and electronic reserve systems. The Open Odyssey Electronic Delivery protocol is used by both OCLC ILLiad and the standalone Odyssey system and is being implemented by several other vendors. The Ares Electronic Reserves system was developed using the same workflow review processes that created ILLiad. This workflow review approach to software design sets Atlas apart in the library automation market.

About Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center is the world's largest provider of text licensing services. These services, combined with CCC's Web-based applications and tools, allow tens of millions of people in corporations, universities, law firms and government agencies to lawfully use and share published information with ease. Since its founding as a not-for-profit company in 1978, CCC has created and expanded the markets and systems that facilitate content reuse and the distribution of royalties to publishers and authors around the world. By offering rights to millions of the world's most sought-after publications, the company plays a major role in the global knowledge economy and encourages support for the principles of copyright. For more information please visit
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Date:Jun 19, 2006
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