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Copts At The Crossroads.

Copts At The Crossroads

Mariz Tadros

American University in Cairo Press

420 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10018-2729

9789774165917, $29.95, 320 pp.,

Synopsis: In the light of the escalation of sectarian tensions during and after Mubarak's reign, the predicament of the Arab world's largest religious minority, the Copts, has come to the forefront. In "Copts At The Crossroads", author Mariz Tadros poses such questions as why there has been a mass exodus of Copts from Egypt, and how this relates to other religious minorities in the Arab region; why it is that sectarian violence increased during and after the Egyptian revolution, which epitomized the highest degree of national unity since 1919; and how the new configuration of power has influenced the extent to which a vision of a political order is being based on the principles of inclusive democracy. "Copts At The Crossroads" examines the relations among the state, the church, Coptic citizenry, and civil and political societies against the backdrop of the increasing diversification of actors, the change of political leadership in the country, and the transformations occurring in the region.

Critique: A masterpiece of seminal and exhaustive scholarly research, "Copts At The Crossroads" is an important contribution to the growing library of information arising from the political evolution of Egyptian society, culture, and national development. Informed and informative, as well as enhanced with extensive notes, an extended bibliography, and a comprehensive index, "Copts At The Crossroads" is very highly recommended for academic library collections.

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