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Cops grab Morelos CCTV film in private eye probe at partner's; ROW GOES ON OVER ALLEGATIONS OF TRACKER BID ON RANGERS STAR'S LAMBO; Investigator tells police that flats footage will back up his claims.

Byline: Gordon Blackstock

CCTV footage of a private investigator scoping out Alfredo Morelos's Lamborghini has been seized by detectives probing the incident.

The Sunday Mail can reveal the video is being examined following the man's claims that Morelos's 23-year-old wife Yesenia arrived at a barrier to let him in to the secure site where the vehicle was parked.

The 29-year old PI - whose friends claim had never heard of the player until he was hired - told police Mrs Morelos arrived on foot to let him in.

He has said he was commissioned because she suspected her husband of cheating.

Pregnant Yesenia opened a secure entrance door, which is covered in warnings that the area is covered by CCTV cameras, he claimed to officers.

The entrance to the complex, where basic two-bed apartments cost about PS200,000, is protected by a large blue metal fence and fob key system.

It leads to the car park and blocks of flats, meaning it's inaccessible without a fob key or a resident.

But the investigator says he was disturbed when the Colombian footballer came down to the car park to look for his wife.

A source said: "The man told police that Mrs Morelos personally arrived at the barrier to let him in. He believes the CCTV on its own will fully vindicate him as long as it is clear enough."

The PI, a former army veteran, handed himself in to Glasgow's Helen Street police office on Friday, January 31, three days after the incident.

Last week, we told how he wanted to tell officers his side of the story to end speculation that someone had tried to cut the vehicle's brakes.

Police Scotland said detectives "would look at all available evidence as part of the investigation".

They have also confirmed there was no damage caused to the car.

On Twitter last week, Yesenia wrote in Spanish: "Show me the evidence where it shows that it is me.

"I give you some advice - first verify that the information is true and do not give news of which you are not sure."

Morelos, 23, also said his wife is not linked to the incident and urged the suspect to "tell the truth" during a radio interview in his home country. But the source added: "Police told the man that his statement was consistent with what they already had.

"The man was only doing his job on behalf of a client. It's a shame his reputation has been put on the line like this.

"It would be odd of him to give himself up for arrest if he had a sinister motive and no proper explanation."

During his interview, the man told police that after Mrs Morelos opened the gate, he followed her a few feet behind.

The pair separated and he went to the Rangers star's grey Italian supercar, which was parked nearby.

He says he assessed whether the sports car could be fitted with a tracker before he was disturbed by the Ibrox idol, who chased him in his flip-flops.

The former soldier told police that he is not a football fan and had no allegiance to either side of the Old Firm.

He also claimed he had no idea who Morelos was when he was hired.

The PI, who was based in England before getting a job north of the Border, told Police Scotland CID officers he only became aware of Morelos's hero status after being hired to follow him as part of a surveillance operation.

A source said: "The guy had no idea who Alfredo was until he was asked to look at his car.

"He'd never heard of him until about two weeks ago.

"He's not a football fan and doesn't care about Rangers or Celtic. For him, this was just another job and he went about it as he would any other."

A report is to be passed to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS). A spokesman for COPFS said it had not been received yet.

Last week, in the days after our story, Sky Sports carried an interview with Morelos which was bungled because of a dodgy translation.

The broadcaster said the Rangers striker, who has been involved in a string of controversial on-field incidents, had accused Celtic fans of shouting racist remarks after he was sent off at the end of the Ibrox club's 2-1 win over their rivals on December 29. But an accurate translation found he had said no such thing.

Morelos's love life has been the subject of widespread speculation.

Beauty queen Marian Cardenas last year bragged of her "magic" time with married Morelos.

The reigning Miss Colombia told fans she'd never forget "moments spent together" with the footballer.

Mum-of-two Marian made the remarks in a Q&A after footage of her kissing the Colombian international emerged online, labelling their time together "unforgettable".

She also hinted she'd like to get close to Morelos again, adding: "I can't say from this water I will never drink. We never know, let's pray."

The comments caused fury in their South American homeland. On Thursday, Yesenia and Morelos posted an elaborate announcement of the gender of their unborn first child on Instagram.

Posing with silver and pink balloons spelling out the word "girl", the pair shared the news with Yesenia's followers. She wrote: "We look forward to meeting you, my princess."

JAN 28 Morelos spots mystery man at car at 8pm at luxury apartment complex and calls police. JAN 29 Theories start appearing online claiming star's brakes could have been tampered with by rival fan.

JAN 30 Rangers manager Steven Gerrard backs Morelos after car incident, saying: "The good thing is he's fine and we'll see what comes from it."

FEB 2 We reveal how the man found at the Rangers hitman's car has claimed he is a PI - hired by the player's wife Yesenia.

FEB 3 Yesenia denies any involvement, saying on Twitter: "Show me the evidence where it shows that it is me."

FEB 3 Sky Sports broadcasts a controversial interview with Morelos in Spanish. It is claimed he says he has been the subject of racist abuse from Celtic fans.

FEB 3 On BBC radio show, pundit Michael Stewart alleges Sky interview was put out to deflect from Sunday Mail story and criticises Rangers PR man Jim Traynor.

FEB 4 Morelos gives Colombian radio interview where he says his wife "had nothing to do with" hiring a PI.

FEB 4 Celtic demand Sky probe into Morelos interview amid claims there are "inconsistencies" with the translation.

FEB 4 BBC Scotland apologises to Jim Traynor for Stewart's outburst.

FEB 5 Stewart is dropped from BBC coverage of football as row continues.

FEB 6 Sky Sports bosses say sorry to both Old Firm clubs after admitting Morelos didn't say Celtic fans had shouted racist abuse.

FEB 7 Celtic report Sky Sports to Ofcom over fears that the club was the victim of a deliberate smear.


EXCLUSIVE Our story last week

TRIBUTE Morelos after scoring yesterday

BRAG Model Cardenas

SPY GEAR. Car tracker

HIGH SECURITY Entrance to car park and CCTV sign

EXCITED Morelos and Yesenia reveal they're having a girl on Instagram. Left, their Lamborghini
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