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Cops go in for the kill; Aaron is charged with Jackson's murder.

Hands off my man Coronation Street STV Becky makes a play for Karl in the Rovers, leading to a confrontation with Stella.

The self-destructive blonde hits the bottle again before admitting to Roy and Hayley that she needs to save her marriage. Steve decides to spend a few days away, but Becky refuses to give in without a fight and proceeds to make a mess of running the pub herself.

Ken considers calling the police as Becky's antics begin to get out of hand in the pub, and Stella tackles a youth wielding a baseball bat after he threatens Leanne in the bookies.

Relations thaw between Carla and Peter, which does not go unnoticed by Leanne. When Carla has an alcohol relapse, she calls on Peter for help, and sparks fly when Leanne finds them together in the bistro.

Hollyoaks C4 All is never fair in love and war down in Hollyoaks - as Liberty and Theresa are about to find out.

When the girls spend the day together, Theresa puts her foot in it when she lets slip that she knows her friend and Ethan slept together when she was just 15 years old. The blonde just about manages to cover herself and Liberty believes her - until Will decides he can lie no longer, and lets his sister know all about the night at the hotel.

Meanwhile, Leanne announces she's moving out, Lee tries to prove he can be the perfect father, and Pete supports Amy.

Neighbours C5 Harold has never found anybody special enough to take the place of Madge in his heart - until now.

His new fiancee, Carolyn, arrives in town this week, and makes an instant impact; she's a feisty lady who shakes a few feathers. Toadie is thrilled about his old friend's happiness but he has other matters on his mind, namely the Troy situation.

He allows Callum to see his biological father but finds it difficult to be relaxed about the situation. He'd be devastated, too, if he knew that Harold had seen the interloper and Sonya kissing.

Home and Away C5 Love (or something posing as it) seems to be in the air in Summer Bay this week.

Charlie and Brax are still enjoying their secret relations, but both seem to be warming to the idea of coming clean to their friends and colleagues. So, at Charlie's birthday party they decide that it may be the perfect platform for making their big announcement. Morag steps in just in the nick of time so their secret is safe, but Angelo begs Charlie to stop seeing Brax before giving the River Boy an ultimatum.

Elsewhere, Roo struggles with her growing feelings for Sid, and Romeo tries to track down Ruby to tell her that he has chlamydia.

EastEnders BBC1 Wedding hell for Masoods The fact they're already married should take some pressure off Tamwar and Afia.

But the young couple are struggling to deal with their warring families, especially after Afia tells the groom she doesn't want his father at the wedding. Tamwar agrees, giving Masood another reason to hate Yusef.

Later, a comment from Ian prompts Masood to burst into the pre-wedding Mehndi celebration and announce he will not allow his and Yusef 's families to be joined in matrimony. He's stunned when his son reveals he's too late, and one of Yusef 's relations drops yet another bombshell.

River City BBC1 There's nothing like a little pressure to focus your mind.

But how Fraser and Amber are going to get themselves out of this mess is anybody's guess. Fraser needs pounds 50,000 to give to McCabe after he got rid of the drugs delivery. Amber is doing her best to raise the money but hasn't heard whether the lawyers will get it for her. They just have to wait and hope that McCabe isn't in a hurry.

Emmerdale STV Jackson's funeral has already caused controversy following Ashley's steadfast refusal to conduct the ceremony.

But as Aaron and Hazel make the final arrangements, they discover that finding a vicar may be the least of their worries, especially as they are also due at the police station for an interview.

Hazel nervously prepares for questioning but is relieved when she is released without charge.

Chas is pleased to hear the news, believing this means her son will walk free as well - but her hopes are dashed when Aaron is charged with murder. He's terrified about what will happen, but worse news is still to come as he discovers his bail hearing clashes with the funeral. Will he find a way to say goodbye to Jackson? The situation is also taking its toll on Rhona, who thinks Paddy is more interested in supporting Aaron than spending time with her and Leo, so she decides to leave the village, without saying when she'll be back.

Another near-miss convinces Ella that her affair with Adam is getting a little too dangerous, but she tells him that if they are going to split up, he has to end things with Mia too.


BOMBSHELL... The Masoods IN TROUBLE... Fraser and Amber OFF THE HOOK... Hazel walks free
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