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Copper and redwood will age beautifully together.

Copper and redwood will age beautifully together

The materials in this privacy screen will age with grace. Its copper pipe and redwood started as almost the same color, but time will turn the redwood gray and the copper green. Designer-craftsman Rick Rosaschi built the 21-foot-long screen to partially mask the front entry and a bedroom window in Gayle and Bob BonDurant's house in Davis, California. Two 6-foot-tall sections flank the center 7-foot-tall fence, and all have tops with five lengths of 1-inch-diameter copper pipe spanning the 10-inch-tall openings. The pipes end in slightly oversize holes drilled in 1-by-3s secured to 4-by-4 posts. Capping the pipe sections are 2-by-4s on edge and broad 2-by-8s. Below the pipes, 2-by-6s with grooved undersides receive the screen, which consists of alternated 1-by-2s and 1-by-4s spaced 3/4 inch apart. At the base, 1-by-6s sandwich the boards.

PHOTO : Ribs of copper pipe and cap of redwood emphasize horizontal line of upper part of screen;

PHOTO : cap extends beyond post

PHOTO : Side-yard gates, framed by mitered 2-by-4s, repeat the screen's details
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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