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Copper, redwood, and "rejected" glass door panels.

When you approach this entry cover, you see only its glass roof panels above a copper-flashed, 2-by-12 redwood fascia. Its structure is revealed from underneath. For the roof, Tucson architect Ron Fridlind used slightly flawed 46- by 76-inch tempered sliding-glass door panels, which he found for just $10 each. (You may have to hunt for seconds; first costs $50 to $70 each.)

The glass rests on a redwood support grid: 1-by-2s on 23-inch centers, over 2-by-4s on 7-1/2-inch centers, over 2-by-8s on 46-inch centers. Angled spacer blocks between the 2-by-4s hold them vertical.

The 2-by-8s are anchored to a 2-by-8 ledger against the house and to doubled 2-by-8 beams strapped to 4-by-4 posts. Redwood 2-by-12s create the roof's fascia.

The glass continues over the top of the ledger (mounted flush with the flat roof of the house), creating a narrow gap so heat can escape.

There's also a gap at the lower edge of the panels, so water can drain into the copper gutter running along the inside of the beam and post, as pictured above.
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Date:Mar 1, 1986
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