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Coping. Rosen, August 2017. 112p. PLB $37.09. Index. Glossary. Further Reading. Biblio.

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Mapua, Jeff. Coping with Cyberbullying. 978-1-5081-7393-9.

McGrody, Ellen. Coping with Gender Dysphoria. 978-1-5081-7391-5.

Orr, Tamra B. Coping with Breakups and Jealousy. 978-1-5081-7388-5.

This re-launch of a six-title series comprehensively covers serious social issues young adults face on a daily basis. The Coping series presents brief yet comprehensive books full of sidebars, text boxes, and graphics that provide crucial information without overwhelming readers. Each title is authored by a different writer, yet all three have the same positive and supportive tone. A brief "About the Author" section often reveals an author's personal connection to the issue.

Cyberbullying offers recent examples from the headlines of incidents of cyberbullying and its aftermath. Numerous organizations, initiatives, and studies are quoted, and excerpts from professional psychology journals offer authority and credibility. Real-life advice helps victims feel more in control. For example, victims of cyberbullying often want to delete the offensive messages or texts, but here they are encouraged to document them as evidence. Gender Dysphoria goes to great lengths to connect readers with real people dealing with this issue, with photos and names of activists, bloggers, teens, and adults undergoing surgery, changing their names, etc. Apart from helping readers understand many facets of gender dysmorphia, the title also offers practical tips such as dealing with prescriptions and insurance. It is highly supportive and encouraging, and a chapter on mental health is preceded by a warning that it discusses suicide. Breakups and Jealousy takes a calm and reasonable approach to a very emotional topic, encouraging readers to first address their own inner critic before lashing out. A checklist of "Love or Control" quickly reveals whether a relationship is a damaging one. A book list of popular young adult fiction on breakups and jealousy is a bonus, and readers even find out why jealousy is associated with the color green.

These concise titles are well organized and similar in format. Websites, blogs, and articles allow readers to extend their understanding. Each title offers "Myths v Facts" that readers will find reassuring, as well as "10 Questions to Ask," which gives teens a way to start a conversation with a support giver. Checklists and questionnaires allow self-assessment. Numerous color photos showing diverse types of teens would benefit by including those with physical disabilities. Still, this remains a valuable and accessible addition to middle and high school libraries.--Lee De Groft.

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Author:De Groft, Lee
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2017
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