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Coping with work stress; a review and critique.


Coping with work stress; a review and critique.

Dewe, Philip et al.



197 pages




Dewe (organizational behavior, U. of London, UK) et al. review issues surrounding work stress and coping research, what is needed to sustain this research, and possible new coping strategies for individuals and organizations to use when dealing with work stress and improving health and well-being. They first consider traditional approaches to defining stress, contemporary definitions, the costs and causes of stress, and the changing nature of work, then issues with the measurement of coping and new directions in research, including the positive psychology movement, new approaches to coping, its effectiveness, and leisure as a strategy. They then discuss how individuals deal with specific stressors and work-life conflict, and stress management interventions, their effectiveness, and recommendations.

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Date:Feb 1, 2011
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