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Cop has the lingo nicked.

A LOCAL bobby has learned Lithuanian to help deal with thousands of Eastern Europeans in his patch.

PC Gary Pettengell, 40, has spent his spare time grasping the language to help deal with the influx of migrant workers in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

The community officer said: "It's pidgin Lithuanian, but I'm using a book and CDs to help me become fluent.

"The Lithuanians really appreciate it and are taken aback when I talk in their own language."

The officer has been given a special service award by Norfolk's Chief Constable, and has had his name put forward for national recognition.

Useful Lithuanian phrases for him include: "Apgailestauju jus suimamas" - "You're nicked."
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 30, 2006
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