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Coors to launch line of seasonal brands.

The Coors Brewing Co. will introduce a full line of seasonal brands in 1994 to complement its existing Winterfest seasonal brew. The Golden, CO brewer will introduce a spring bock beer, a summer wheat beer and a fall octoberfest/maerzen.

The company is currently fine-tuning the formulations for the seasonal brands, and is finishing work on packaging designs.

The new brands will be sold by the company's new Unibev, Ltd. division sales force. According to Karen Thys, new product development manager, "Unibev has given us new flexibility as a brewer," she says. "Last year, Pete Coors mentioned that he would like to produce a bock beer, but without Unibev, we didn't have the means to do it. Now, with Unibev, we can."

The first seasonal brand will be Coors Bock, which will be sold for a 90-day period, beginning March 7, 1994 and continuing through May. The early versions of the new Bock are pale, malty beers with an alcohol content between 5% and 6% by volume. According to Hugo Patino, head of R&D and the Coors pilot brewery, testing of the new brand is continuing.

"We have a rainbow of possibilities here," he said, "and I'm working with my partners to figure it out."

The product will receive a national roll-out (except in 3.2 states, because of its strength) and the company projects a price point at the Winterfest level.

According to Bob Jonas, director of new products and development, the new seasonal brands will allow Coors to hold the shelf space it gets for Winterfest each year.

Jonas also reports that the formulation of the brands may change year to year, as Winterfest does.

"This seasonal concept gives us a great test market," he says, "with beers that will be in and out in three months. We could find beers that will be real hits. I don't think that you can minimize the effect of having this kind of Coors beer in the market."

All the seasonal brands will be brewed at Coors Golden, CO plant, and it is estimated that a typical seasonal production run will comprise 20,000 barrels.

The company sold 18,000 barrels of Winterfest last year.
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Title Annotation:Adolph Coors Co.
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Date:Oct 18, 1993
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