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Coors to export beer into Virgin Islands.

Coors to export beer into Virgin Islands

Coors Brewing Co. recently announced it will begin selling Coors and Coors Light beer in the United States and British Virgin Islands as part of its progressive exporting effort to establish a strong position in the international marketplace.

"Exporting to the Virgin Islands will add to Coors Brewing Company's international successes with licensing and exporting ventures," said Rob Klugman, vice president of international marketing, Coors Brewing Co.

The products will be brewed in Golden, CO and packaged in specially marked "Export Beer" 12-oz. cans and bottles. Container ships will transport the products from Jacksonville, FL to St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, for distribution throughout the islands by November 27.

In keeping with Coors' heritage, the beer will contain the same ingredients as its domestic beers. However, because of handling extremes and limited refrigerated storage in export can markets, an additional filtration process and special export can package has been employed that will allow the beer to be shipped and stored under ambient temperature conditions.

Coors has appointed Bellows International Ltd. as its import representative in the islands. Bellows will be responsible for maintaining Coors' quality assurance standards, merchandising and promotion.

"Coors and Coors Light are impressive additions to our beverage portfolio," said Conn Davis, president, Bellows International Ltd. "Coors' outstanding reputation for high-quality products is recognized the world over."

In 1985, Coors signed its first licensing agreement with Molson Breweries Ltd. to brew and sell Coors and Coors Light in Canada. In 1987, a similar agreement was made with Asahi Breweries Ltd. of Japan. In July 1988, exporting of Coors and Coors Light to Bermuda began.

"We look forward to a successful introduction of Coors products into the Virgin Islands," Klugman said. "We plan to continue the exportation of Coors products throughout the world as well as examine additional licensing agreements that will position Coors as a major international brewer."

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Date:Dec 4, 1989
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