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Coors sues for $96K.

Coors sues for $96K

Officials of the Adolph Coors Co. say they goofed in paying $97,000 for a $97 set of red-cross stickers, but that error doesn't entitle Walter Zink to keep the change.

Coors is suing Zink and his Northridge, CA, firm in Jefferson County District Court to recover $96,903 - the amount Coors said it wrongly paid for 1,000 stickers more than two years ago.

The stickers are red crosses on one-inch diameter circles attached to the identification badges of the company's emergency workers.

A company employee typed "1,000 sts" on a purchase order, Coors spokesman Jon Goldman said recently. The company realized that "sts" might be confusing, and notified Zink by phone that the company meant 1,000 "stickers" at a cost of $97 and not 1,000 "sets" of stickers at a cost of $97,000. Each set is 97 stickers.

Zink delivered 1,000 stickers. But later Coors sent a check for $97,000 because no one clarified the purchase order, Goldman said.

The error turned up last year during an audit, and Coors asked Zink to reimburse all but the $97. He refused, Goldman said.

As a result, Zink was "unjustly enriched" at Coors' expense, and "has taken the position that the parties' transaction is `a done deal,'" the lawsuit said.

Coors officials say the mistake should have been obvious.

"We've ordered other things from him - always of a small magnitude," Goldman said. "An order of nearly $100,000 would have been way out of the norm."
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Title Annotation:invoice error by Adolph Coors Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 5, 1990
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