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Coors sells special ale.

The Coors Brewing Co. created a special beer called "Tailfin Ale" for the recent Hot August Nights Classic Car Rally. The rally, which drew approximately 250,000 classic car buffs, was held in Reno, NV. Tailfin Ale, packaged in 22-oz commemorative bottles, was sold in Northern California and Nevada communities in the Reno area.

"We couldn't think of a finer way to recognize those who attend Hot August Nights that to brew an exclusive batch of Coors-type quality beer," said Tex McCarthy, Coors are vice president, "made in the tradition of classics, like tail fins and chrome tail pipes."
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Title Annotation:Coors Brewing Co.'s Tailfin Ale product
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 12, 1996
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