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Coors segments sales and marketing group.

Coors segments sales and marketing group

Coors Brewing Co. recently released a press release detailing the formation of a "decentralized regional sales and marketing group."

"Our company must be able to take market-specific data, create tailored programs and make quick decisions to compete successfully in the brewing industry," said Dick Francis, vice president, sales. "Our successful execution of regional marketing will give Coors a formidable competitive advantage."

To ensure this success, Coors is placing regional directors and regional marketing managers in Sacramento, Atlanta, East Rutherford, NJ, and Chicago. They will lead sales and marketing efforts for the Western, Southern, Eastern and Central regions, respectively.

The Western region will be headed up by Henry Doss, Jr., while David Peel will become the regional marketing manager. Rick Dewberry will become regional director in the Southern region, and Eric Moore will become the regional marketing manager.

For the Eastern region, the regional director will be Kevin McDonough, and the regional marketing manager will be Michael Cammon. Don Lake will become the regional director for the Central region, while Glenn Knippenberg will be the regional marketing manager.

The changes were effective immediately, with all relocations expected to be complete within 60 days according to the company.
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Title Annotation:Adolph Coors Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 3, 1989
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