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Coors orders a record barley crop.

Coors orders a record barley crop

Officials of Coors Brewing Co., counting on another record year of beer sales, have placed a record order with the brewery's 1,300 barley farmers, including 500 in Colorado.

The Golden-based brewery is asking for 30 percent more barley than a year ago, to replace reserves depleted by record beer sales in 1989, Coors spokesman Jon Goldman said last week.

Orders for the barley went out recently in anticipation of continued sales increases, Goldman said. This year's barley will go toward next year's beer, he said.

"We have increased (sales) projections for 1991," he added.

The barley order represents Coors' biggest percentage increase in barley orders, Goldman said. The company normally hikes its barley orders by 10 percent, but last year's rise was 12 percent.

Coors sold more than 17 million barrels of beer in 1989, 7 percent more than in the previous year.

Besides wanting enough barley to meet its higher order demand, Coors hopes to gain some measure of insurance, Goldman said.

Extra barley could replace barley that doesn't measure up to Coors' standards. And it could replace barley that doesn't materialize due to poor growing conditions.

Goldman said the farmers are unable to match all the barley orders placed by Coors each year. For instance, during the drought of 1988, farmers supplied only 75-80 percent of the order requested by Coors.

"One reason for the increase is to guard against weather problems that will reduce the yield," Goldman said. "Coors has the most stringent quality conditions for their barley, and if it's not right, it will be rejected."

The brewery uses only previously approved growers and does not buy barley in open market.
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Title Annotation:Adolph Coors Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 2, 1990
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