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Coors launches regional promotion.

Coors launches regional promotion

Coors Brewing Co.'s eastern region announced a consumer promotion that was the first to actively involve TV viewers with the game on "Super Sunday."

"Coors Super SCoors" offered consumers a unique point-of-purchase game piece, each with a possible Super Bowl combination. On Sunday, January 27, each viewer with a game piece score matching the score during the game was eligible to win. The first 250 callers who reached the Coors toll-free number after each score change automatically won either a football, a football jersey or $1,000. The 25th caller to match the final score won a new Jeep Cherokee and a chance at $1 million.

According to Rennie Solomito, Coors' regional marketing manager, the promotion accomplished two main objectives for the brewer. "First, more than five million games were in front of consumers throughout the entire game, creating an advantage over the competition who were only able to gain consumers' attention for 30 seconds at a time," Solomito explained. "The consumer-driven program also built traffic for local retailers, thereby increasing the retailer's interest in displaying and promoting the game.

"We had to look at Super Sunday a lot like David had to look at Goliath," Solomito said. "To effectively compete against (Anheuser-Busch, Inc.'s) $8-million program with less than a quarter of the resources, we had to be creative."

One of the key retail audiences for the Super Bowl promotions--chain stores and restaurants--responded very enthusiastically to the program, Coors' marketing manager said. More than a thousand grocery stores and 200 bars and taverns were committed to featuring Super SCoors during the two weeks before the game and on game day. Some grocery stores, Solomito said, parked Cherokees in front of their establishments to draw attention to displays.

The brewery also contracted "sky-typers" to spell out Super SCoors messages over NFL playoff game crowds. The messages, in some cases, targeted the competition. "When you're battling Goliath," Solomito said, "you can't even use the sky as your limit."

PHOTO : THE WRITING'S IN THE SKY--Recently at New Jersey's Giant's Stadium, a skywriter announced Coor's intentions during the brewer's "Super SCoors" Super Bowl promotion.
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Title Annotation:Coors Brewing Co.'s Super Bowl promotions: "Coors Super SCoors."
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 28, 1991
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