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Coors introduces Eisbock seasonal.

The Coors Brewing Co. has fielded the first in its new line of seasonal brands, a spring seasonal called Eisbock. The Eisbock is first in the new seasonal product line, which will flesh out the seasonal portfolio begun by Winterfest years ago. In addition to Eisbock, Coors will brew a summer Weizenbier and a fall Oktoberfest Maerzen.

"The success of Winterfest and the growing consumer interest in specialty beers spurred us to develop a full seasonal line to underscore Coors' unique 'microbrewery' approach to specialty beers," said Sally Lopez Ritter, brand manager for Unibev Ltd., Coors Brewing Co.'s specialty division.

The Eisbock is described as a pale bock with "less hop bitterness and a flavorful, full-bodied taste." According to the brewery, the brand is brewed using imported amber malt that was custom-roasted to Coors specification.

Eisbock is a traditional German style that was the progenitor of today's mass-market ice beers. Typically, the alcoholic content of an Eisbock would be substantially stronger than the Coors interpretation (which is about 4.5% alcohol by weight). By dubbing the brand Eisbock, Coors apparently hops to maximize interest from both potential specialty beer drinkers and ice beer pioneers.

Eisbock will be available through the end of May. Summer's Weizenbier will offered beginning in late May through late August, and the fall product, Oktoberfest Maerzen, will be available from late August until the end of October. Winterfest will be on shelves from early November through mid-March.

"We expect that word of mouth will drive sales," Ritter said. "As each unique seasonal product is introduced, we anticipate that consumer curiosity and trial will build. As niche products, we don't anticipate the volume associated with mass market products. The seasonal line is a labor of love from our brewers to the loyal specialty beer consumer who appreciates a truly special beer to enhance their experiences."

Each of the seasonal brands will be offered in 12-oz. long-neck, non-returnable bottles, 24-oz. bottles and on draught.
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Title Annotation:Coors Brewing Co.
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Date:Mar 28, 1994
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