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Coors field representatives go "laptop." (Coors Brewing Co.)

Coors field representatives go "laptop"

In 1959, Coors Brewing Co. was among the leaders in the American beer market to develop the aluminum can. Today, according to the brewer, the company is riding the crest of the laptop computer revolution and is leaving the competition in its wake.

Nearly 200 Coors field personnel conduct business with Compaq laptop computers, equipped with WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Harvard Graphics and CoorsLink (electronic mail) software.

Francie Morgan, Coors' sales communication manager, said top management initiated the project in 1990 to improve the effectiveness of the company's sales force. Initial phases focused on reducing the time field representatives were spending pulling together presentations and improving communications with distributorships and headquarters.

Recent surveys have indicated that the laptops have saved Coors managers nearly 2.5 hours per week. Additionally, the costs for business reviews, overnight mail and typing services have decreased dramatically. At least 50,000 sheets of paper are no longer mailed; that information is transmitted via CoorsLink.

"Laptops have not only saved the company time and money, they're also enabling field managers to become professional marketing consultants," said Donna Whitley, Coors project manager, who spearheaded the plan. "The laptop hasn't lessened work loads, but has enabled users to focus on strategic planning instead of pushing paper."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 13, 1991
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