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Coors continues its "now, not now" spots.

Coors continues its "Now, Not Now" spots

The second in a continuing series of Coors Light "Now, Not Now" commercials carrying the "drink safely" message has begun to air nationally.

The ad depicts scenarios of when alcohol can be enjoyed (in a ski lodge, afte playing football) and when it should not (when snowmobiling, hunting, or behind the wheel).

Consumer response to the first commercials, which have aired nationally for six months, has been overwhelmingly positive, according to the Coors Consumer Information Center, which monitors calls and letters from consumers.

Not only are consumers voicing their appreciation to Coors Light for educating the public about safe driving habits, but many consumers have also indicated that the "Now, Not Now" campaign has affected their brand decisions, Coors reports.

"We are encourage that consumers are relating to our Now, Not Now message and are drinking more responsibly," said Bob McBride, brand director, Coors Light. "The fact that consumers have responded so positively to that message indicates that they want to support a company that cares about and educates society and not one whose only concern is to just sell beer."

Apparently, Coors Light spots have hit home with college students, McBride said. In a survey conducted by Coors Light of 750 college students, 61 percent said they are concerned about have a designated driver.

The Coors Light "Now, Not Now" advertising campaign is part of an ongoing effort by the brewery to promote safe drinking practices. In 1986, Coors became the first brewer to incorporate an alcohol awareness message in its national product advertising with the "Gimme the Keys" spot featuring a bartender who would not allow his customer to drive home after having too many drinks at the bar.

The alcohol awareness message has captured the attention of other corporations that have joined Coors Light to help promote the drink safely idea. Polaris Industries, L.P., manufacturer of snowmobiles an all-terrain vehicles, is one such company.

"We are glad to be associated with Coors Light in helping to deliver this important message to the public," said Ed Skomoroh, vice president of sales and marketing, Polaris. "As snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles become more popular, we believe that it is our responsibility to help educate consumers about how to enjoy them responsibly."
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Title Annotation:Coors Light ad campaign for alcohol awareness
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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