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Coors contemplates another brewery to increase production.

Coors contemplates another brewery to increase production

Coors Brewing Co. is considering buying a brewery from one of two competitors, even though a previous attempt at acquiring such a plant failed.

The company has extended its Colorado operations to the limit, and needs the new facilities to expand, especially in the South.

Analysts say the breweries under consideration are the Perry, GA, brewery of G. Heileman Brewing Co., which is idle, and two facilities owned by The Stroh Brewery Co., one in Winston-Salem, NC, and the other in Memphis, TN.

All three breweries have about the same capacity, about 5.5 million barrels of beer annually. Coors produced 17.7 million barrels of beer last year.

"All of these facilities make sense," said Tom Pirko, Bevmark Inc. in Los Angeles.

"But the Perry, Georgia, plant is a great strategic location for Coors," he said.

Cary Baird of Coors confirmed that the company is talking with a number of parties, but would not confirm that any deal is close.

"It's no secret that we are looking at ways to deal with capacity issues," he said.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 21, 1990
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